Ok, today was pretty awesome. Yesterday we saw that there was a plant sale down the street and today we went to investigate. The people were cleaning out their entire yard because they were tired of having to weed everything. It was ridiculous. Tulip bulbs were 20 for $1. Lilies were 3 for 5. My mom and I bought $17 worth of stuff, including $bulbs. We spent ALL day working in the yard. It was in the mid 70’s today which was awesome. My mom and I both have pink skin from the sun. My mom did most of the weeding. I don’t know what I did really. I planted some beans and other misc flowers. I know it’s early for beans so I didn’t plant all the seeds. I’m hoping that they’ll get up out of the ground and will be ok. If they die then I need to start working toward growing some frost resistant beans!
My mom cleaned out a good chunk of the upper level. The pathway, which was basically a lawn and the row in between the strawberries, was cleaned out. It looks so much nicer. The dogs were out for most of the day with us, but I put them in for a couple hours after I spray the patio with weed killer because of the grass that’s started slowly taking over. F came over and edges the patio which was awesome. We have a whole two extra inches all the way around now. He was very helpful today and also provided us with some rat traps since they’re nesting in the plastic containers next to the house. Gross.

As the day wore on my mom had to go get my sister from my dads. She spent the weekend down there. J wanted to have dinner with us so we all went over there and ate after my mom and sister were home. The yard sale was changed to a Free sale. The people moved all the boxes of plants to the edge of their lawn and put a free sign out. It was only five house down the street so I got out wheel barrow and grabbed the boxes of tulips, daffodils, lilies, and some ground cover stuff the name of which I can’t remember but bees love it. I have about 100 plants to get into the ground tomorrow. Plus dozens of seeds. It’s a little ridiculous.

S wanted to get rid of an azalea because it had bluebells growing in it, so we grabbed that before they threw it away and it’s now planted in the front lawn. It looks random but I like it. Just a small step to getting my river/rain garden going. Tomorrow I’m taking the bus but I’m hoping it’ll be nice enough that I can go outside and plant some of the things we’ve got. It’s a little ridiculous. My mom told me I was as bad as my aunt while I walked home with the wheel barrow full of stuff. I said “I know, thanks” lol. I couldn’t pass up that much free stuff! Especially since it was all things I wanted.

I even managed to get some reading done. We filled two bins again so after those were full I didn’t really have anything to do. I’m “not allowed” to plant anything without consulting my mother, but I think I really should just stop doing that because every time I do we argue and nothing gets decided.

Also, the Osama bin ladin thing? It’s good that he was caught, but now that he’s been killed there’s a good chance there will be retaliation and eventually a war. I mean another war. Since we aren’t involved in enough already. Ugh. I just want to move out to the middle of no where. Or to the Amish country. I want everyone to leave me alone and let me be. There’s too much insanity in the world. To be honest I really wouldn’t be offended if I ended up as that weird guy who lived way out by himself who no one knew much about in town. It would be better that way. I’m not afraid of dying, but the idea of being murdered by a bunch of crazies is none too pleasing.