I stayed up until 4:30 before I finally crashed. I was falling asleep a little bit while Kate and William were leaving the Church. It was an absolutely fantastic wedding. I’m so glad I gor to stay up and watch it. Kate’s dress was to die for. The whole thing was enough to take my breath away. I loved almost every minute of the wedding. I finally turned off the tv and went to bed thinking that they were all done and had nothing else to do. WRONG. Turns out that you have to kiss the bride after marrying, which I forgot about. Ugh. There were showings of the wedding playing all day and I still haven’t managed to see the kiss. Or kisses I should say.

I got myself up at 7 because I had homework to finish before class. While I was finishing up homework at 8 am, the plumber came to fix the dishwasher and sink faucet. We supposedly can use the dishwasher now. Which is wonderful. It wakes out so much clutter from the kitchen. And the sink faucet feels a lot different now that it’s working probably.

Three hours of sleep has had it’s effects on me obviously. I’m exhausted and am falling asleep as I type this. I will say this though: there was a slightly serious accident at the store down the street, a serious house fire, and on the way home tonight someone collapsed on the side of the road. All of these occurred within a mile of my house. It was weird. Helicopters came and circled over head for a while.

My cousin and aunt came up from Oregon. We went out for Mexican and J and F and S joined us. It was nice. Ok, I just lifted my hand to scratch my face and fell forward because I almost fell asleep. It’s time for bed. night!