Today was pretty blah for the most part. I started reading Eragon again on Sunday and haven’t been able to put it down. I’m about 200 pages into it.

I planted some of the things we bought in Oregon today. It was decent out when I got home so I did what I could before heading inside. I planted the lettuce and three ground covers. I also moved some of the tomatoes around. We have a ton of seedlings sprouting up all in one place. The same goes for carrots. I tried spreading out about ten of the tomatoes and carrots. We’ll see if any make it. I didn’t want to move too many for fear of killing them all.

Here’s a few pictures I took though. Of other completely unrelated things of course.

 There were a lot of thoughts on my mind today, all of which I am too tired to remember now. Why aren’t there more hours in the day? And why doesn’t sleeping make me feel more energetic?