My mom stayed home sick from work today. She slept most of the day, which meant I got to drive to and from class and get into a little mischief. We’ve been talking about ripping up the front lawn for a while now. I hate it. Grass is the most annoying thing ever I think. It gets into everything and you can’t ever get rid of it. My sister was stuck home today (after I picked her up from a friends on the way home from class) so I managed to drag her outside to chat with me while I worked. I pruned the shrub that the dogs use for shade, so it should be a little thicker and provide some more shade for them by summer. There was a rose that was right next to the shrub by it was more in the way than helpful, so I dug that up and moved it. I also pulled up some of the soaker hoses that the previous owners left behind. They cut them though so they aren’t usable. Anyway, I could either throw the rose out or plant it somewhere else. Namely, the front lawn.

My mom and I have talked about making a little fence of roses right next to the sidewalk to move the roses in the U thing in the middle of the lawn out of the middle of the lawn. So, enlisting the help of J, I began ripping up part of the front lawn to plant the roses and some day lilies from F and S’s yard, since they hate the day lilies they have but are unable to get rid of them no matter how hard they try. It was getting dark before we were even close to being finished, so we transplanted what we could and figured we’d finish it tomorrow. I’ll take a picture tomorrow. S kept coming over to see what we were doing and such. I had to borrow one of their bins because I filled ours probably fuller than I should’ve with grass.

My mom woke up and said she liked it but she was mad because I moved the roses and now isn’t the time to do that. And they’re all in really bad shape so it could kill them. I don’t think it will though. S doesn’t like it and J isn’t a fan either. I think it looks nice. It isn’t exactly how I wanted it to be but it isn’t horrible. And it’s not finished either.

I think the potatoes I planted last year might be coming back. I was trying to clean up around the garlic, which has spread a ton, and There were some purple stems coming up from seemingly no where. I started to pull them up but decided to leave them incase they really are potatoes. I didn’t recognize the leaf, but we’ll see what happens.

I promised J to help her with her yard if she helped me with mine, so sometime next week I’ll have to spend a couple hours with her cleaning things up over there. I don’t know how exactly we’re going to decide what’s a fair trade so that could be a bit of drama.

It was in the high 50’s all day, with relatively no clouds anywhere. The bees came out occasionally but it was too cold for them most of the time. Perfect yard working weather.