Today was really sunny which was awesome. I came home and took a nap because for whatever reason I was really tired. I also opened the bees so take a look at my other blog. I talked with S quite a lot which was pleasant. It was only just barely in the 60’s so we both did a bit of yard work. One of us managed to get her whole yard done, where as the other only cleaned out his pea bed.

I wasn’t motivated to do anything until the sun went down, per usual. So bothersome. Let’s see, the filter on my fish tank has become so clogged that it’s backed up and water is spilling out of the wrong place. The water is still relatively clear though, so I think the fish are fine. All of my plants need to be watered. The floor needs sweeping, the piano and other large surfaces dusting. The yard (which I keep trying to spell yeard for some reason) has so much grass in it its disgusting. It will never come out. I would have to dig everything up and replant it all. Including the trees. I honestly don’t know how F and S keep their beds so nice and weed free.

Anyway, I’m sleepy and am taking the bus tomorrow so I have to be out of the house 40 minutes earlier than I’ve been doing all week. Yay!