I did a bit of yard work with my mom, played catch with my sister (which we discovered Kira loves) and watched a couple hours of Glee. Didn’t do much else. The front yard does look much nicer though. Kira is thoroughly tired out. We started playing catch in the backyard to help my sister practice, and Kira loved chasing the ball back and forth between us. The ball is too big and tough for her to bite into, so if either of us didn’t catch it she couldn’t pick it up and run with it, but still felt like she was doing something and so enjoyed it. It was awesome. She had to take a break in the middle of it because it got to be too much for her. 😉 lol.

With Glee on Netflix we’ve been doing marathons of it whenever we get the chance. I’ve been singing to pretty much everything, but quietly of course. I have a crumby voice and find it really awkward to sing loudly.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Be sure to SOB. My queen is actually alive!