Oh my gosh. This is probably one of the longest breaks in blogging I’ve taken in… well since I lost the password to my blog a year or two ago, lol. ugh. I have been SO tired. I can’t explain it. I really haven’t had the energy for anything since Thursday of last week to be honest. Despite doing the flash mob on Sunday (the video of which I didn’t even have the energy to find yet) and a couple hours of yard work on Monday and Tuesday because it was nice, I’ve basically been sleeping this whole time. Ok, here’s a summary of my life because I honestly can’t remember what I told you and what I haven’t and I don’t have the strength to go read through my old stuff to find out. I had to drop my Botany class because my teacher wanted us to go out to these remote locations every Wednesday and Thursday and sometimes take camping trips on the weekends and I didn’t want to have to worry about getting to those places all the time. I was told that the last day to get ‘blue cards’ from other teachers (basically permission from the teacher whose class I want to get into that I can be in that class) was the day after I dropped Botany, so I can’t get into another class. Which is crap but there’s nothing I can do. Because I’m only taking 1 college class this quarter I will now be behind TWO high school credits on the track to graduation, so that’s awesome. My chem. class seems pretty easy. I have a test on the first two chapters we’ve learned tomorrow. As well as a test in math and FINALLY a test in History. I hate how we don’t have tests and have these huge essays instead. Then again, the majority of the tests he’s given us have ZERO of the materials from class in it, so basically you’re expected to teach yourself either way. Did I mention I’ve been exhausted lately? I went to bed at 9 last night. Hence the lack of post. It’s weird that I’ve been going to bed so early. The house pretty much dies if I’m not awake I’ve noticed. Everyone goes to bed earlier. Or rather, my mom doesn’t stay up working on stuff and goes to sleep, and my sister is shut in her room like always. The majority of the house is darker though. I’ve been neglecting all of my normal duties. My house plants have all gone limp from lack of watering. I forced myself to feed my fish yesterday because I couldn’t’ve told you the last time I’d fed them before that. I came home today and lay on the couch and watched I don’t even know what all afternoon. I don’t know why I’m so completely drained but it’s annoying. And I’ve got no motivation for anything but eating and sleeping. I woke up this morning and both of my legs were sore, even though I hadn’t done anything major on Tuesday. I’m glad I got on and blogged tonight. I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t have a math test tomorrow. I didn’t have high school yesterday because of the HSPE, and Friday is a late start but they’re only doing classes 4,5,6 since yesterday was 1,2,3. So my two classes are having tests tomorrow since they won’t be meeting on Friday. And now I’m going to be done because it’s really stormy out and I’ve got a feeling the power will go out. We’re supposed to have thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. Here’s hoping for loud thunder and lots of lightening!