I woke up at 10 today, thinking the final rehearsal started at 1, and quickly realized I should probably check my phone. I did, found out the rehearsal actually started at 11, and was like, OH CRAP. I immediately texted R to say that I was NOT ready in any way and was worried that she might’ve thought it was at 1 also and when would she be here and omg and etc. But R and I have phone problems. My phone likes to withhold ALL of R’s texts from me, so I thought she wasn’t replying to me. I figured, well, going to the mob today just isn’t in the cards, and got online to check FB. Of course I had deleted my texts from the day before, so when I got the message “find your own car. BTW I’ll be there at 10” I assumed she meant I needed to find my own way to this rehearsal and that she would be at the rehearsal at 10. I was freaking out for a minute and then I was really decided that going to the mob wasn’t going to happen today. Then my mom came upstairs and said that if I wasn’t going to the mob today then I should get in the shower so we could all head out to my grandpas. I got in the shower, and while I was in there it struck me that maybe R meant she was going to be at my house at 10. I hurried up and got out of the shower, checked my phone and found a missed call from her along with 3 text messages. She was waiting outside!

I RUSHED threw my routine of getting ready, ran through the house shouting that I was going to be going to the mob after all, and managed to be out the door within half an hour. My mom thankfully had started on grilled cheese for breakfast (I asked for it last night before I went to bed) and I grabbed it before I ran out the door. R and I flew to the field where the rehearsal was taking place and were amazed to see over a thousand people there. It was AWSOME. We practiced for about an hour and a half, then we were counted and had to sign release forms to say our pictures could be posted online. Even though I’m 17, they weren’t asking for ID, so I signed for myself. I feel like I snuck into the military or something like all those war veterans you hear about from like WWI you know? Anyway, we got our directions for the three locations and drove off to get there.

The first location was literally right underneath the Space Needle. Seeing over a thousand (the final count is somewhere between 1100-1200 but they aren’t positive about how many people were there because some people left before being counted) people standing around like that was pretty awesome. One woman was walking her dog through the crowd and kept asking people if they knew what was going on. Everyone she talked to lied and said they didn’t know, because it was supposed to be a surprise. We all gathered around the first bunch of dancers (I’ll post the official video once they’ve got it up) to watch them, and then our music came on and we all burst into dance. It was hilarious because there were other people who weren’t part of the routine just stuck in the middle of our awesomeness. They did get annoying though because they were right in the middle of things and it kind of ruined it because there’s a few parts where we all drop down and they were just standing there like soar thumbs. I feel like I would’ve fled the scene if that was me.

I think the first performance was my favorite. The second was too small of a space and I felt like we were a lot more conspicuous there. And there was less room to dance. They got a gaga drag queen to be a guest performer, and he had his own cat walk set up in the middle of the routine just for him. He looked COMPLETELY different before his transformation. It was amazing to see. And I don’t know where he hid certain things in what he was wearing because it was basically a one piece swim suit and there’s no extra room where it matters for certain things…

The third was definitely my least favorite because we were in the middle of a small street and there wasn’t enough room really. I sent out a forward of the three locations to my pottery group, H, and M, as well as my mom and sister after the first performance. My mom and sister made came to the third location about… 2 minutes after if finished. The first two performances started at ten past the hour, so I expected the last one to be the same way. I guess the third one only started a couple minutes early… Oh well. It’ll be online and then I can show you how awesome it was! Amber, if you can find me in the mob, I will be seriously impressed. I’m wearing a grey jacket, lol.

I didn’t realize the actual performances were today and so I wore my grungier jacket. I would’ve dressed differently if I had known we would be performing today. 😦

I will say this though. Today was the funest day I’ve had in years and I’ll definately be doing this again next year.