I got called down to the councilors office during first period to talk about what I’m going to do next year as far as running start is concerned. Which was a good thing for me because I needed to talk to my councilor anyway about dropping my Botany class. She was opposed to it of course, but I have to drop it so it’s not like she could force me to stay in it. She gave me a list of classes I could take instead, which I took to the councilor at the college once I was done with my chem. class. Side note: there’s a guy in my chem. class who looks like Clark Kent. If I ever talk to him for an extended period of time, he will be told this.

Anyway. I’ve officially dropped my Botany class, I just need to go and get a “blue card” from my teacher for some reason I don’t understand and which was not explained to me. Then I can sign up for other classes. I doubt anything I’ll want to take will be open though because all of the people I’ve talked to have jammed packed classes. It’s ridiculous.

I came home directly after school and played a bit of Smash Brothers. I think I did some other stuff too, but I honestly don’t know where the time goes in my day. I eventually took a nap around 4 ish or something like that. My mom and sister went to a play at 7 and while they were gone I did the dishes and swept and took out the recycling. Probably the only productive thing I’ve done all week. I had to force myself to get up to do the dishes though. It’s annoying having no motivation. When you have to get stern with yourself just to get up off the couch, there’s something wrong.

After I did the chores I sat back down and watched Chelsea Lately, then Will and Grace/ Swamp People. I love Will and Grace, but Swamp People was new and it looked half interesting so I switched back and forth. I find it to be an interesting sub-culture of America. That is one thing that’s weird about how big America is. There’s just as much diversity in our own country that we don’t understand as there is in the rest of the world. Plus Jay Paul (http://www.history.com/shows/swamp-people/bios/rj-and-jay-paul-molinere) is kind of cute. Can’t understand a word he says though.

And that’s all I’ve got for today. I did finish my Chemistry homework (it was super easy, everything was in the first chapter of reading; I didn’t even need to go to class for it). Oh no! I didn’t finish! I forgot about a different weekly assignment thing I’ve got to do. URGH. This is so irritating. I finished my history essay outline too. Not that it even makes a difference. I’ll get a 25% on the assignment instead of a 0. whoopty doo.

Ok, apparently I’ve got homework now. Goodnight.