Today was fun. I woke up and realized I had rehearsal today and kind of panicked. I was looking forward to spending the day home relaxing. But I still had a huge amount of fun. R came and got me at 11:30 and we went to the thing half an hour early with starbucks in hand. The doors were locked and weren’t opened until 10 minutes after the official start of the rehearsal because one of the choreographers was late or something. I dunno. We were in a smaller space today, with no windows, so it was pretty much twice as hot as Thursday. Which sucked, but it was still fun. About have way through my brain shut off and it still really hasn’t turned back on. I forgot everything I learned and was a complete mess. Afterwards we went to Kidd Valley for lunch. I’ve felt like I’ve been starving all week and going for a double cheese burger with fries and a shake was amazing. We hung out for a total of four hours today, which was awesome. I feel bad though because I reach a certain point in my social time where I become pretty much done with life, and I get really quiet and spacey lol. Which is made 10 times worse by eating.

She took me home around 4 and I felt like going straight to bed. My sister started Hot Tub Time Machine and a dog jumped into my lap, so getting up to go to bed was difficult. It was pretty much the stupidest movie ever though, so once Kira was off of me I went straight up to bed to nap for a couple hours. I woke up still full which was awesome. And then for dinner my mom made raveolies and salad and clams. She went to Costco. Lol. It was pretty awesome. Despite “not being hungry” I still managed to eat my fair share. The only downside to this is that tomorrow I’m going to be ravenous. Going to bed with an overly full stomach is the worst thing I can do. Because I wake up feeling twice as empty as usual and my stomach growls like crazy. The good news is I’m driving tomorrow so I can come home and eat everything. I really hate being a boy sometimes. I shouldn’t need to eat this much! It makes sense evolutionary wise though. I’ve come up with a new theory. Guys are lazy. But when they’re hungry, they’re more likely to get up and do something for the persons they live with, like building shelter or whatever to get food stuffs. And thus males that were more proactive were allowed the chance to mate. A lot of good that’s done the world hasn’t it?

Anyway. I’m sleepy still. And I have to start college tomorrow too. So I’m going to bed.