I don’t even know where today went. I got up at 9 and got a text from R telling me that she couldn’t take me to rehearsal today because she’d stayed up until 5 AM doing I don’t even know what, and wouldn’t be awake in time for the rehearsal. I was like, omg. This lady is trying to kill me.

My mom and sister were gone for most of the day. My sister had to get her hair did so that sucked up most of their day. I just sat around and did nothing really. I didn’t even watch TV. My mom got home and asked me what I did and I literally had no clue. It was a weird day. To be honest it kind of freaks me out. I didn’t play with the dogs all that much. I didn’t get online all that much. I didn’t DO anything. I did look up a recipe on how to make yeast out of nothing because we are out of bread and I wanted some. All the recipes I found required days and days of waiting though, so I’ll save those for a rainy day.

Anyway. That’s really all I’ve got to report for today. Sad that my life is this empty right?