This April Fools joke from wordpress was not ok! I got a comment from someone saying there was radioactive milk in Washington, and then I saw that I had over 1000 views. I thought hell had frozen over or something. I only got 101. Xp. WordPress is mean.

Today was boring. I came home from HS and practiced the routine for a little bit. I need all the practice I can get! After that I just lounged around. I did do the dishes though.

I bought my books too for Spring quarter too. Which I am slightly freaked out about. It starts Monday and I’m worried the classes are going to be too much for me. Plant identification and a Chemistry class. It’s going to be super intense. I hope I can manage… I’m not good at retaining information! I’m really starting to panic.

Anyway. J called today. She wanted to clear things up between us. I said that I was fine as long as whatever happened between she and my sister was cleared up. And she said it was. I’m not sure if she was trying for an apology from me, but she didn’t get one. Yes, I should’ve gone over and asked what happened and heard her side of things, but I don’t regret not doing that. So, yeah. I’m not really sure what this means for the future of this neighborship, but at the very least, we’ll still be cordial with each other.

The guy who used to live behind us to the left had a yard crew over today. They cut down several trees that were only just taller than the building they were growing right next to. They also laid down a bunch of beauty bark in all of the flower beds, and cut all the hedges down about three feet. It looks nicer, but still weird. Our privacy is pretty much still the same. I might plant something next to the fence just to try and deter the dogs or something.

My mom and I watched Eat, Pray, Love tonight. There were some spiritual aspects to the show that I found I do myself, with almost no training. I sit and think about the world with a blank mind. I’m a master of sitting and doing nothing. And… there was one other thing. I can’t remember. But I’m really hot and I need to go to bed because I have my second rehearsal tomorrow!