Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. People came over around 1 and stayed until 6:30 and then after that I got really tired. I was asleep before 10. We had a lot of fun though. At least I did. I find it hard to tell if people actually enjoy being around me lol. We watched Pocahontas, Mulan, and Saved. Simply because Ra and Ro are religious people, and Saved is hilarious. Ra thought it was funny that I believed in evolution. Tee hee. I just got finished having a good discussion about where we go when we die. Or what I think happens. And really not even that. I was saying what I wanted to have happen. If anything WAS to happen. I think that when I die I would like to dissolve into nothing and into everything all at once. I would stop existing, and the particles that were once my soul, if it’s even a soul I have, would merge into all new life, so that I could live on as all new beings, but I would not be me. It’s kind of a circle way of thinking. Think of it like clay. You take a lump of clay, and you add to it and add to it until you have something you like, or don’t like or whatever. Eventually it gets old and becomes weathered and then the particles of clay are torn apart and scattered across the world and become incorporated into new webs of life.

Anyway. Everyone seemed to have a good time yesterday with the movies. Ro texted me from Disney land today (he left really early this morning) and said he wanted to do it again sometime soon. I think we should have a scary movie day next.

Today was alright. I finished my detention hour, completed the test I missed on Friday, and a walked home in the rain. I forgot how much I like getting soaking wet on a walk home. I really wasn’t that wet, but the bottoms of my jeans were soaked and parts of my jacket were wet and my hair was close to dripping. I let the dogs out and changed, and it felt nice to be back in warm clothes again. It was like I’d taken a rain shower. Tee hee. I’m very easy to please. It’s the simple things in life that keep me going! I took a short nap and got twice as warm as I usually do, which I blame on the wet hair. It was nice though. It felt like I’d just taken a nice bath. And I don’t think I’ll be getting sick either, so yay for that.

I found a website on how to make cob today! It listed a recipe, which is what I’ve been after from the start. Here’s the link: I think I’ll have fun making the coop this summer, but the website makes it pretty clear that it should be a group activity. But I don’t have anyone I’d really want to do something like this with. My mom would love to help of course, but I’m pretty sure we’d kill each other before we got the coop taller than a foot. So I will do it myself. Which is fine. Maybe S would enjoy doing part of the decorating or something. Or some of the building once the coop is tall enough that she wouldn’t have to be bent over. She’s got arthritis somewhere. The coop will take a few days to construct according to the website, so I’m sure I’ll have someone helping me at some point. I wouldn’t mind having my sister help me, except that she’s… well my sister.

And now I’ve got to sign off and stay up late to complete the first part of the stupid history project, which was due Monday but which I’ve only got half done. Yay me!