I couldn’t even tell you how furious I was this morning. My mom wrote me a note because I missed Friday (because I didn’t want to have her leave Sam at the vet to take me to school) but she said I slept in late, which she knows is not an excusable reason. I told her that and she was like, well I can write another note and I was like no whatever, because we were already at school. So I get to the office and I hand in my slip and the office lady is like, you know this isn’t an excusable thing right? I was like, yeah I know. She’s like ok well you have an hour of detention. I was like woah, wait a minute. I haven’t done anything. She said that it’s a district wide policy. I was like well this doesn’t work for me because I’ve never even gotten a warning. I also asked if this would show up on my permanent record and she said it would. Which I find absolutely ridiculous.

I went to class furious and sat through the biggest waste of time that is my math class trying very hard not to just get up and walk out and go tell off the office lady. I wrote notes to myself almost every two minutes exactly and slowly time went on. Finally class ended and I went straight back to the office (it took me about 30 seconds to get there, I power walked that fast). I went to the other office lady, the one who is much nicer, and said that I didn’t think I deserved the detention. She said I could take it up with the vice principle, which I did. I went to the main office, asked to see her, and was told she’s been gone for a month. She’s got a terminal family member or something. She took like a quarter and a half off last year and although I feel sorry for her situation, I was kind of annoyed that she wasn’t in. Just take a year or two off work to be with your family if you need to. But don’t take huge junks out of the year and inconvenience other people. Thankfully a MUCH nicer teacher was filling in for her. He was, of course, in a meeting with all the other administrators. I explained that Im in running start to the main office lady (I’d spoken to the attendance office ladies previously [we have about three offices fyi]) and that I couldn’t wait to talk to him. thankfully he stepped out of the meeting right as I was about to leave for class, so I followed him to his office to explain my reasoning.

I told him that I’ve never been in trouble before, I’ve never done anything wrong, I’m in running start, and I don’t think it’s acceptable to be given a detention with absolutely no prior warning. All he said was that you don’t get a warning. Which I find ridiculous. How is that beneficial to anyone? What does that teach? Ugh. High school is the stupidest Fing place ever. It’s SO juvenile! The kids are such douches because the teachers that run the place are just as bad! I honestly feel like this is an attack against the students. It’s that random and pointless. Like here, let’s just make this rule to piss off some kids. I can’t stand people. I’m pretty sure I’ll be thrown in jail at one point because as soon as I’m 18 I’m not going to be so nice to teachers. I don’t care. I’m legally an adult at that age and I’ll have no problem telling you what for. I explained that I’m in Running Start and can’t stay after. He tried to give me lunch detention, right after I said that I wasn’t here after second. We don’t have lunch until after 3rd. So I told him that THAT wouldn’t work, and thus he came up with the plan that I could come and sit in his office for 20 minutes before school. I find this completely ludicrous. WHAT IS THIS SUPPOSED TO TEACH ME?

I’m pretty much going to talk to him about how absolutely spastic this is the entire time tomorrow. And if he tells me that talking isn’t allowed then I’ll just stare at him. Clearly juvenile action is the only way to communicate with these people. If you follow the system you get punished. Which I’ve found true time and time again at this school. I honestly don’t know why I bother to be a good kid anymore. I’m just going to stare as awkwardly as I can tomorrow, and I’ll throw in some loud sighs too. I might get dizzy though. Maybe once every two minutes. That should be good right? A really loud obnoxious sigh. Or a yawn. I bet I could manage that. I need to bring a pen to click too. And some gum to pop. This is going to go on for 3 days though, so I’ve got to stretch this out. If you’re going to treat me like some stupid teenager, I’m going to act like a stupid teenager. If you’re going to punish me wrongfully for something stupid, then I’ll be sure to earn the punishment. If I’m going to do the time I might as well do a crime right?

If you think of any obnoxious things I can do during this stupid detention time without actually getting in trouble, let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*hits chest twice* rebel out *makes peace sign*