Today was “fabboo”. I really can’t even think of another word for it.

Firstly, my mom and I talked about getting a chicken coop, where it would go, what materials would be used, and if it could even be financially done. This was a huge step in the direction I want to go, so I’m really glad about this. I emailed my cousin in Oregon about it since he built an amazing chicken coop out of cob and I really want a cob coop too. I haven’t checked my email since so we’ll see what he has to say tomorrow.

Also, because I’m not going on the European Odyssey, we might be going to Arizona this summer. Which means I’ll be going down to see Amber! I’m trying to push my family into agreeing to centering the trip around the release of Harry Potter. That way Amber and I and Trici and everyone else can go to a midnight showing! Ahh! I am SUPER excited about this trip. Which is another reason I’m not going to Europe this summer. I didn’t have THIS level of passion behind it. I realized a while ago that if I didn’t go to Europe this summer, I would get to go see Amber instead. And my mom brought the trip back up of her own accord, so I didn’t even have to do anything. This is how I felt the Europe trip should’ve gone if I was meant to go. Things would’ve just fallen into place. And another reason I’ve just realized. I would’ve missed the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2! Thank you Universe for saving me from myself! *exhales* I feel so much better having finally decided not to go. So many other things are falling into place in my life. Clearly it was not the right time to go to Europe.

There was something else that happened today…. OH!!!! There’s going to be an enormous Glee event in my area! It’s going to be a HUGE mob dance, with over 2000 people. And guess what I’m doing?! Yep! R told me about it so she and I will be going together! I read her email and literally couldn’t breathe. I’ve wanted to do a mob dance since I first learned what it was.

Today put me in an excellent mood really. I had multiple moments where I was completely at peace with everything and would’ve been happy to exist in those moments forever. I’ve been having more of them, which I’m thankful for. I also had moments which (this is going to sound queer in two definitions of the word) made me feel flowy. Where I just felt like everything I did flowed and like the energy of the world was present in my actions and I was gliding through it all. It’s something very difficult to explain, but I sometimes get very excited or happy about something and then I feel a kind of gracefulness descend over me which makes me walk faster or move quicker and more precisely, but all the while I am elegant in my motions and thus move quicker through the space and energy around me. It’s like when you put your hand in water. You can feel the water moving around your hand, and when you move your hand you can see the water react and flow around your fingers. I feel and see that, but in the air and yet not in the air, when I’m really excited in a good way about something. Did that make sense?

Well anyway. I hope the good mood of today extends over into tomorrow. I think I’ll be spending my math- *gasp* OH NO. I had a huge history project I needed to do that I COMPLETELY forgot about! *second gasp* uggghhhhh. Oh I can’t believe I forgot! *exhales* well regardless. Today was completely worth it. And I’m rather good at getting out of things so I think I’ll be alright.

Good night!