Well, today was somewhat interesting. Before I get into it though, I have to mention the fact that yesterdays post brought in a third more views than the day befores. The good a title can do right?

Anyway. I spent 90% of the day playing Pokémon. I traded with my cousin and realized that Pokémon that have been traded automatically get 30% more exp from a battle than do Pokémon I caught myself. Isn’t it interesting that both the views I got today and the exp that I get from traded Pokémon are both 30%? Oh the coincidences in life.

Alright, now down to the good stuff. My sister told my dad about how she thought she might have scabies (we’re pretty sure she doesn’t though) and how he freaked out and told her not to tell anyone because she would be considered dirty. She didn’t say anything to him about this but was definitely upset by it. Some other relatives from my dad’s side also got a little over excited by the idea of scabies. My sister was already feeling really guilty about the possibility of spreading it to so many people, so this only made her feel worse.

My mom went to help with auction for my HS’s booster club or something or other, so my sister and I were on our own for dinner. My sister was asleep and gave no sign of waking up any time soon, so I made myself a salad using the last three eggs. My sister woke up, wanted to make cookies, found that there were no eggs, and so went over to my neighbors (J’s) to ask for some eggs and vanilla extract. She came home very upset a few minutes later crying because she’d told J (in front of J’s guests which was a bad move on her part) that she might have scabies. According to my sister, J freaked out, as did her guests, and my sister felt attacked. She said she tried to explain what it was, but had a hard time getting a word in with J interrupting her. My sister left and said thank you on the way out for the cookie supplies and in response one of J’s friends said “thanks for the scabies” which J laughed at and said “seriously”. Now, I understand that my sister jokes about things as a defense to her problems, which J and her guests took to mean that they could joke about things too. But this remark clearly put her over the edge.

My sister came home in tears, explained things to me, and needless to say, I was pissed. First of all, it takes a lot to get me mad. Second of all, my sister always has crazy shit being said about her, so it takes A LOT to get me mad when it involves her. She said I could just take the eggs and vanilla back to J’s since she wouldn’t be using them, and also brought out a baseball mitt of J’s for me to take over too. My sister hardly ever cries in front of me, and the fact that (while it was in a joking manner and would’ve been ok had it been a different situation) J allowed her guests to joke about a situation like this kind of irritated me. I don’t think it’s right that people who don’t even know anything about my sister or the dynamic my sister and neighbor have, can joke about something that’s serious like this and not have some kind of reprimand. Especially from J who SAW that my sister was upset about this as she left (because she got cold as she left and J knew this) and whose guests are part of the problem.

So. I go over there, knock on the door, am told to come in, and put the glove and cooking supplies on J’s computer desk. While doing so, J asks “so she’s not going to use them now” in a joking manner which implied that she saw that my sister was upset as she was leaving. I replied, no because she came home pretty upset about whatever was said over here which we clearly need to talk about. Words were exchanged, along the lines of J didn’t know what scabbies were and everyone was just joking and my sister came over joking so she thought it was ok, and she didn’t mean any harm. I said things along the lines of, she felt attacked by the three of you and came home very upset/ in tears over it, and I don’t think what was said was appropriate etc. J said that I didn’t know what was said, to which I replied, no, I don’t, but clearly it was enough to get my sister to cry and I don’t think that’s right. J said she didn’t like how I came over into her house with guest over and just started attacking her etc. I also explained what Scabies were since she didn’t know, and said that it was nothing to get worked up over because you just got some lotion and that killed them. Of course that wasn’t the exact order things were said in, but you get the idea. I said my piece, very calm for the most part I think, and went home. Oh, and I explained that my sister used her good humor as a defense when J said that she’d been joking as soon as she walked in. Anyway, J came over a few minutes later and asked to talk to my sister. I went and got her and they went and talked outside.

Crying occurred from both of them, it was dramatic, apologizes were given, etc. My sister came in a few minutes later and said that J felt sorry that my sister felt that way and that she didn’t mean anything to be taken the way it was and blah. My sister also said (and I heard a bit of this too because I muted the TV) that J didn’t like that I’d come into her house while she had guest and “scolded her like an adult” which I’m glad to say I was proud to hear. I know I shouldn’t be as happy as I am about that, but I feel glad knowing that I can go over to someone else’s house where the three people there are all twice my age and make them feel like they’re in trouble for their misbehaviors. And appear relatively calm while doing it.

J is madder at me than my sister, but I’m fine with that. My mom still isn’t home yet and doesn’t know what happens, so we’ll see if I’m in trouble with her too. To be honest, I’d be fine if I was in trouble with both of them. I feel like I did the right thing and don’t intend to apologize for my actions. Yes, it was distasteful to go over and talk to J while her guests were there, and I did think twice about it, but the guests were a part of the problem and so I felt they needed to hear what was said. And both of them were smiling the entire time I was there, which irritated me more. I didn’t address that though because that wasn’t the issue I was over for and I find nitpicking in fights to be rather petty. Even though I did do a bit of it (and kept telling my self to stop) when I got home and explained things to my sister.

My sister and I talked it over and I explained to her that telling J in front of a group of people that she could have scabies was a bad move, and that using humor as a defense leads to troubles like this sometimes. And also that comparing every persons wrong doing to all of the bad things our dad has done isn’t fair to everyone else. Which she admitted was something she did. I also explained why J acted the way she did, because if this had been something less serious there wouldn’t have been a problem. I see both sides of the conflict, and there were wrong doings on both sides. It was just a miscommunication, but I don’t apologize for anything I did.

My sister and I decided that this whole thing is my moms fault though. If she would just let me have chickens then we would’ve had enough eggs and none of this would’ve happened.