I woke up early to do my math homework, but my mom took Sam in to the vet for his bad leg and was unable to come back to get me for first period so I didn’t have school today.

The vet basically confirmed what we already suspected. She said he had a torn ligament, but that they wouldn’t know for sure unless they put him under and did a “range of motions” test, which she did a little bit of and now Sam’s putting even less weight on his leg than he was before. They put him on pain meds and a vitamin thing that is supposed to help with tendon and ligament growth. We could do a corrective surgery that would cost about $3000, but we aren’t going to. The vet thought Sam was anywhere from his late 9’s – early 11’s years old. I think he’s 11. We’re not supposed to let him go up stairs or run or frolic or be a dog so his leg will get better. But to be honest, if he wants to play, I’m going to let him play. We’re supposed to be taking him outside on a leash every time so he doesn’t run, but I’m like, he’s a DOG. If he can’t run or play what CAN he do? And he wouldn’t be allowed to do those things after the surgery, AND we have to give him these pills no matter what. So I’m fine with not doing the surgery.

Buttercup was very upset that he was gone. She ran around the house looking for him and was whining for about 10 minutes after he was gone. She eventually started barking at me because I kept telling her everything was going to be ok. Apparently she didn’t like being told to keep calm lol. I love dogs and their personalities. If a person did that it wouldn’t be nearly as cute.

The weather was awesome again today so my mom and I got out into the yard to do a bit of work. I think we’re going to have to spray up on the hill to get rid of the grass, or should I say lawn, up there. The grass is in everything and the only way to get rid of it is to kill it. Pulling it up isn’t working.

The crocuses are all done blooming for the most part, so the grape hyacinth are all coming up now. I swear, the flowers grew about two inches today. Every time I looked up the flowers were higher off the ground.

S gave me a huge compliment yesterday which I forgot to mention. She asked how we were keeping the poinsettia in the front window alive. I was like, I dunno, we just water it. She was like, Well I got all three colors and watered all of mine and they all died so what are you doing?! I’m so glad to have someone who’s envious of the plants I’ve got. It’s probably one of the biggest compliments you can give me. I watered all the house plants with fish water today. It gives them all a nice boost of nitrogen and allows me to put in some fresh water into the tank so it’s not so horribly mucky in there. It would be nice if some algae showed up so I could put a plant in and some snails.

My mom and I talked today and I’ve officially decided that I’m not going on the European Odyssey this summer. I feel a lot better about staying home, and I’m not motivated at all to get up and get myself there anyway. Plus I’m pretty sure I missed a bunch of deadlines for various forms that needed to be filled out and submitted. I’ll call my leader tomorrow while no one’s home (I hate talking on the phone around my mom because she always tells me what to say). Hopefully we can get some of our money back, though I doubt it’ll be the full $2000. I doubt it’ll even be half of that. Oh well. I can start saving up now though. This summer I’m going to try and take a class and the college, as well as get a part time job.

My sister might have scabies. Her friend got it from a friend and called her today about it. I could not stop laughing. She panicked and wanted to call everyone she’d come into contact with. She’s been itching for the past few weeks. My mom called the clinic and described the situation to the rep on the phone, and they’ll be going in on Monday. Until then my sister will be a freak. She was supposed to go to a friends to spend the night tonight but canceled that, and she was going to me dads tomorrow but canceled that too. She’s going to drive me nuts I think.