We watched some Nazi propaganda films in history today and they really just made me want to move out to Amish country. I wouldn’t horribly mind living a modified Amish lifestyle. I would have a solar panel and a computer and a light in every room and that would be it. Everything else would be horse and buggy and all done by hand. I just want to live out in the middle of no where with open minded people where the population is low so you know everyone in town.

After history I went and got some dessert stuffs from the college down the street. Then I came home and played Pokémon for a bit. I got a call from People to People saying that there was stuff I still needed to turn in, but according to my mom we’ve already submitted all of it. I’m 99% sure we haven’t though. When she got home I finally told her my doubts about going. I said last weekend that if we didn’t do some serious work that weekend then I wouldn’t be going and I was right. I just feel like, when I signed up to go to Japan everything was smooth and easy. Everything fit into place and there weren’t any issues. But with this trip I’m finding it really difficult to get motivated to do anything, we don’t have enough money, I haven’t done any of the work stuffs for the program, and now come to find out we’ve got a whole stack of papers to be doing. All of which are due tomorrow. How exactly are we supposed to get them there? they’re passport info stuff so they can buy my airplane ticket.

Anyway. I eventually went over to my cousins house to trade Pokémon. My aunt wanted her out of the house for a bit/wanted lunch, so she gave us some money and told us to bring her something back with a coke. Maybe a Pepsi. I really can’t ever remember which she prefers. I think its Pepsi because I don’t like Pepsi. Anyway, I drove us over to Safeway and we got some crappy Chinese. We ate at her house, then I came back home and took a nap. I had a dream that my pottery group and M (not from history, the one I’ve been hanging out with more and more) were over at my house. The light fixture (which is a fake chandelier but was a real one in my dream) began swinging in a circle. It spun really fast, slammed into a wall, and sent glass flying everywhere. I got glass on me but I was fine. It continued spinning and I woke up. Really random right? I felt like it was a bad thing. I mean, getting glass thrown at you by inanimate objects is really never a good thing is it.

I had to go get my sister, who wanted me to take her to her weight watchers program quickly just so she could weigh in. As we were leaving the parking lot a truck was coming in the closest lane. It had it’s blinker on and was slowing down like it was going to turn. It had slowed enough to turn and was right at the point where it should be turning so I went. My sister screamed because the truck didn’t turn, but it was going slow enough that it didn’t hit us. There was no accident or anything (the truck immediately turned off it’s blinker) and everything was fine. My sister started screaming at me about how I’m such a bad driver and I “need to learn how to fucking drive” which she tells me often. I was like you know what fine. I stopped the car and shouted at her to get out. And I NEVER shout, except at the dogs. But even then. She of course wasn’t going to get out but I was like, If you don’t like how I drive then get out and walk home. She just kept shouting at me. I was like fine, then I’m done driving you around because I’m sick of this.

She’s like, well then you’re going to have to take the bus. I was like, I don’t care, the bus is a lot less of an inconvenience to me then walking the two miles home is for you. All the while her friend is sitting in the back seat.

I got home and didn’t wait for my sister or her friend to get there stuff and went straight inside and out to sit in the patio chair because it was warm out and I didn’t really want to be inside. I hadn’t realized I’d locked the door as soon as I got inside, because it’s such a habit for me now. Of course my stupid sister forgot her key, even though this morning I told her she’d need it, so she starts banging on the door because it’s locked. I could hear her shouting in the front. I walked inside, and opened the door and shouted, the door in the back is always unlocked, I don’t know why you insist on coming through the front door when you know of another way to get in. She then proceeded to insult me and call me stupid. I ignored this and asked if she’d locked the car over top of her. I’m assuming she didn’t, but I’m not sure because she really wasn’t making sense. I then insulted her for stumbling over her words and not locking the car. She then shouted more about my poor driving skills. I told my mom all about it when she got home and she asked if there was any resolution we could come up with or if I was just going to be done driving her. I said there probably was a solution but I’d rather just not drive her for a while.

When my mom tried to talk to my sister about it, she was her classic self and wouldn’t pay attention long enough to actually get anything figured out. Which says to me that she’s fine walking home. She irritates me greatly sometimes.

I talked to S quite a lot today. I talked to her before I went to my cousins, and she came outside right as my mom got home. F found out that the man with blood on his shirt from the other night was the son of the people who live two houses down and that his dad swung at him with a baseball bat and then stabbed him multiple times. The dad also pushed over his wife, kicked her, and punched his daughter in-law in the face. The son was trying to get away and got in his van, but the dad chased him across the street and broke the window out if the van and continued to stab him. The police got there just in time and pulled the son out of the van with the knife still in him. He’s got major wounds which are all still open because it was a dirty blade so they have to wait for everything to drain out. The dad went to jail for maybe a night or two, but everyone is over there right now (two houses down). And all of these people are over the age of 40.

I also talked to the neighbors behind us (the ones with the 2 chiwawas [they just adopted a new one named Tulip]) and found out that their neighbor, the creepy guy who was always cracked out, is finally moving. He hadn’t paid for anything in three years so the house is now in forcloser. They said it’s all full of garbage and discusting.