Today was decent. Math- well I don’t know what the rest of the class was doing but I spent the whole period doing last weeks homework to ensure I could get a curved score on the test I had to make up later today from last week. History was fun. M and C and I just laughed the whole period away. Sometimes this class is kind of annoying. We do (what feels like) a few days of learning and then have this enormous project to do. Like, I just want to LEARN. Stop assigning all of these useless projects that don’t teach me anything and suck up my time. We spent today in the computer lab.

I walked home in about 20 minutes, which was really nice. I could’ve waited for the bus, but it was about 20 minutes faster to walk. It was beautiful out today. If the sun had been a little higher in the sky and there hadn’t been such a harsh breeze I could’ve laid in the sun forever. I feel like I have those moments of pure bliss and contentment more than others. But I have simpler needs when it comes to happiness lol. All I really need is good weather, a bit of shade, and I’m fine. Hmm… when I die I think I’ll just go float somewhere warm. Or I’ll migrate from the northern to southern pole so the sun is always shining. It’s kind of warm in Alaska during the summer right? Eh, who cares. I’ll be dead.

Anyway. I came home and napped for a bit. The dogs kept waking me up which made me want to kill them, but other than that it was nice to finally get a nap in. S worked out in the yard quite a bit. She offered to give me a ride back to HS but I said no and snuck out the front door when it was time to go. I think she wanted to give me a ride, but I feel bad taking rides from her. I mean, it’s only a couple of miles away. And I really don’t walk that much. I got to class about 5 minutes after school got out, took my test, and was home by 3. It was weird being there at the end of the day. I forgot about having to run to the bus at the end of the school day.

High school is weird. I feel like I’ve been unplugged from it for so long. People who used to hang out all the time barely talk at all. Most of the “lower” castes have reorganized themselves about a dozen times. The populars are still the populars as far as I can tell though. I don’t really have a group, so far as I know. But that’s just fine with me. I’ll be one of THOSE kids. The ones who never really fit in anywhere and are only just barely remembered. I’m fine with that. I’m not sure I even want to go to the reunions. I can’t get away fast enough at the moment. Aging everyone by 20 years and putting them in a different setting really won’t change all that much.

My College grades were posted online recently. I got a B+ in Pottery and a B in Botany. I’m ecstatic about the Pottery grade (considering that I didn’t think I would pass) but the Botany grade annoys me because I actually TRIED for that class. I was concerned with it and completed every single assignment, though at the end things did get a little late… but still!

Anyway. I finally said to heck with it and started a new Pokémon game. I feel bad doing it, but I needed to so I could trade back all the Pokémon I traded my cousin. Which I will be getting back before she leaves for college again regardless of if have to walk the 4 miles to her house or not.

Anyway. That’s all I’ve got for today. I’m thirsty…