Today was nice because I got to go home for four hours before I had to go to pottery. Today was bad because math made no sense, and Pottery took FOREVER. History was fun because I sat and talked with M and C for a while. I don’t think I’ve told you about M before. She’s got reaaaaly long hair. Um, yeah. She’s a Jesus freak too. She went to some thing somewhere for three days last week and lost her voice from screaming about Jesus. She makes me laugh. I’ve been saying she’s been on Jesus juice for the past couple days because she’s super peppy and loud and mentions Jesus every other second. Anyway, Pottery was god-awful. We sat around my groups table (because we’re the cool table) and critiqued each others projects. We managed about 4 people an hour. Finally it got to the end of class and I still hadn’t gone and I was like, um, I can’t stay late, I need to get my sister from fast pitch. I managed to get to HS (I’m too lazy to write out high school anymore) five minutes before fast pitch got out, with no time to go home. I was kind of annoyed because I’d had nothing to eat since 10. And all I’d had was a bowl of cereal and three boiled eggs.

My group just talked the whole time. It was so boring that two of us were nodding off in the middle of it. I got bored and pulled out my Burts Bees chap stick which is a drug for me. I can sit and apply it for like ten minutes and be perfectly happy. I was like, It’s chap stick time! Then I was a little cracked out for a bit, then I was calm, then I had another hit of the Chap Stick. It was fun. Love this stuff. And my lips are extra soft now! *applies some now* so tingly…

After that I came home. My sister baked some cookies, and I searched some more for my yellow version of Pokémon, which I’m positive is gone, and for my strategy guide to blue and red version. I did that for most of the time between 9:30 and 1:30; waiting between classes. I’m happy to say I found my strategy guide and can now begin writing the cheats down on how to get all three starter Pokémon. I would feel so much better if I could find my yellow version. I feel like I lent it to someone a while ago. It’s driving me nuts not having it. Urgh.

I put my sculptures in the fish tank. The giant fish I put in only has one very small hole in it though, so none of the air is leaving it and it’s just floating. Which is really annoying because it’s so enormous and should be like on the bottom of the tank. I can’t put any other statues or anything in until it sinks down. Do you think I could sand a hole in the bottom maybe?

Alright! I’m off to bed! night!