Today started out decent. Got up, took a shower, ate, did some yard work. Not as much as I’d’ve liked though. There’s this massive grass patch up at the top level which will pretty much never go away because the tree roots are right on the surface so I can’t dig anything up successfully. I hate grass. I’m thinking I’ll be doing a bit of landscaping though. If I can manage to cut threw the tree roots that is. There’s a little stair step thing that I want to take out so I can make a larger flat area for growing things on. Maybe just sunflowers there since the dogs are always up there. But something needs to grow there. I hate having so much yard and not using hardly any of it. If it were up to me, we would just kill the lawn (whether through chemicals or tear it all out by hand) and make raised mounds of planting beds for all of our vegetable needs. We only have about 4 or 5 square feet of space for our lettuce right now. Which really isn’t enough. And just because we didn’t eat every last raspberry last year, my mom isn’t letting me expand the raspberry bed from half a row to a full row. They’re growing everywhere anyway, AND I’d love to make some jelly out of them. And you need a lot of berries to make jelly.

Anyway, enough about my back yard dramas. We went over to my aunt’s house for dinner because my cousin is back in town for a couple weeks. She’s been in town since Monday, but having the get together was easiest for everyone on the weekend. I don’t know if I mentioned but I had an urge to rewatch the FIRST season of the original Pokémon, so I got all of the VHS tapes out and have been watching them. My cousin’s friends are super nerds (yay!) and have been playing pokemon a bunch lately because black and white just came out apparently. Which means I had to get my blue version out and play with her. I haven’t played in about 8 years, but I did some cheat type stuff and traded a bunch of Pokémon around, so I had two charizards, a Mewtwo named Kittykat, Blastoise, and some of the rarer fossil type Pokémon. Anyway, long story short I ended up trading about a dozen and a half Pokémon over to my cousins game so I could start a new file and play from scratch. But still have all the Pokémon that are ridiculously difficult to catch. I only traded one charizard, which was the one I raised and have had for I don’t even know how long.

I beat the game once, tried to beat it again, and got stuck. I only need one more badge but I figure at this point I might as well just start over. I have the “strategy guide” for it somewhere. My cousin and I are super nerds together lol. What was more awesome was the fact that our younger cousins were sitting around us watching us play, which is what I used to do when I was too young to play/didn’t have my own system. Of course, they’re being raise with all the new annoying pokemon in their lives, which sucks. They kept asking us if we knew who Pokémon like bulbasaur were and it’s like, who DOESN’T know who bublasaur is? Anyone between the ages of 30 and 16 knows bublasaur. But then they’d ask us about all these really similar looking annoying pokemon and it’s like, bleh, those aren’t the real ones. The original 150 pwn all. Can’t beat ‘em. You can try and beat them, but if you put some garlic looking fairy thing up against a Rapidash, the garlic’s going to loose. No contest.

After dinner my family came back home. Everything was fine and then I looked out my window and saw police jumping over the shrub-barriers in the church parking lot, guns drawn and pointed at a van that was trying to pull out of it’s parking space. It was right in front of the street. There was a lot of shouting, most of which was missed because I ran downstairs shouting “oh my god oh my god, someone’s being held at gunpoint in a van!” Leaving out the fact that the police were the ones pointing the guns paniced the house for a little bit, but everyone was up and to a window instantly so that issue was resolved quickly.

From what it sounded like, someone tried to hit someone else with their car. A gun and a knife were involved, and the man driving the fan that was trying to get away had blood down the front of his shirt. They dragged him out of the car and put him on the ground. The rest is kind of confusing, but eventually we went over to F and S’s and stood by their shed to watch up close but still slightly hidden and out of the way. The man with blood on his shirt was taken away on a stretcher, and a different man was put in the back of a cop car and driven away. This all happened two houses down, on the other side of F and S’s house. F and S were at a soccer match, so they missed everything. I texted F so I know S knows, so I’m hoping S will know the whole story by tomorrow so I’ll know what really happened.

Other than that though it was an uneventful day.