Guess who didn’t get that much done for their people to people trip today?! Thaaats right! Me!

I got up at 9, and my mom left to take her final for the excel class she’s been taking at 10. She said she got a 73% on the final but a 95% on the class. My sister spent the night at J’s, so I spent the morning home alone. I gave Sam a bath, which he hated. The first time I tried to get him into the bathroom he peed because he was so scared. Which he hasn’t done in YEARS. I was like, what the heck? I put him outside, cleaned the mess, then forced him to take a bath anyway. I had to drag him to the bathroom, and then lift him into the shower because he simply wouldn’t go. He sat looking miserable the whole time, but seemed happier than he has in a while after he was dried off.

It was a really nice day today. The bees were out which was awesome. It got up into the high 60s according to my thermometer. I don’t think it was really that warm out though. And it’s always windy through here so it usually feels colder than it is. The bees were still out when it was in the 50’s though, which is a really good sign that they are more tolerant of the cold and will thus do more work despite the colder conditions. I think I’ll put the second box on when the Cherry blossom blossoms. Which should be by the end of next week according to my blog. I think it might be more like early April though. Anyway. I left the door in the back open, opened all the blinds, then swept the house and vacuumed and did a minimal bit of dusting. J came over for dinner tonight, so I had to make the house somewhat presentable.

My mom came back around 1, then ran off to the post office to ship that Christmas package for my Japanese family. Yeah, Merry Christmas! Do you think they’ll notice that it’s late? She came home around 2, then took me to my favorite nursery to buy some heirloom seeds. I’m not really sure if I got heirlooms or not though. And I’m seriously again genetically modified anything, so I’d really rather not be growing any genetically modified stuff in my yard. I know some of the lettuce we bought was heirloom, but it prefers shade, of which my yard has none. So… I didn’t plant that. We got peas, beans (why I don’t know), broccoli, rainbow carrots, and two or three types of lettuce. Some of the lettuce from last year reseeded itself! It was the least favorite among my family though, so I didn’t feel bad about pulling up the stuff that was growing where it wasn’t supposed to. I left the stuff that was growing in the bed alone, and just planted around it. I’m glad things are reseeding. I think that if seeds need to be brought indoors for the winter then they shouldn’t really be grown in that area. I would love to let everything I’m growing this year go to seed and use only my seeds from now on. Plus things in bloom are always pretty.

I planted the carrots and peas and lettuce today. Only the red lettuce though. Which was among our favorites last year.

My mom was working on the people to people letter inside today. It looked absolutely nothing like my own, since mine was about half a page of just writing and hers was about 4 sentences long, had a picture in it (not of me thankfully) and had all the contact info for people to people. Tomorrow we’ll supposedly be making a bunch of copies of that at her work, but we’ll see what we can get done. After we were both finished J and my sister (HIM as Amber and I like to call her, though I’ve forgotten why…) came over to eat. We had flank steak, salad and some diced potatoes and yams. Since I won’t get to taste Italian or French wine while I’m on my travels, my mom wanted me to try some at home lol. So we all just sat around and drank two bottles of wine (J brought some white wine, which was much better than the red I think). I had two or three glasses of wine and then had about half a glass of the lemon cello my mom got for Christmas. Sweet things are so much better. I was slightly dizzy for a minute or two, but no one but I could tell. I was virtually unchanged by the alcohol.

My sister on the other hand got much louder and laughed a lot more at stupid things. She had 4 or 5 glasses of wine. Her face got beet red (mine was a little pink for most of the evening, but never as bad as hers), which was hilarious because there was a line of red on her neck where the coloration just stopped. It wasn’t a gradual thing, it was just red and then white. Anyway, J said something and then my sister lost it and laughed uncontrollably for about two minutes. One of those ridiculous high pitched laughs that she has been known to do sometimes. My mom had left just before that happened though, to go and get one of my sisters friends whose psycho mom told her she didn’t want her in the house tonight. If my mom ever did that to me, we would have problems. You can’t just kick your kid out of the house for no reason. AND then threaten to call the police and list her as a runaway if she goes to someone’s house that you don’t like. Her mom needs a good smack.

The rest of the evening was fun. I had to go upstairs to watch Being Human when I saw that it was on. And then part of The Graham Norton show. Which is HILARIOUS. I love that show.

Alright, it’s been a full day. I’m sleepy now. Oh! And I’ll post some pictures of the “super moon” tomorrow on a different post. Incase for whatever reason I’m selected for a freshly pressed thing. As if.