I always feel really bad after posting risqué pictures like yesterdays. I don’t really want my blog to be THAT type of blog, so I feel like I should really take the picture down. But at the same time this is supposed to document all of my thoughts. But again, documenting a naked man isn’t something that I really want this blog to be about. So I think I’ll be taking it down.

Today was alright. I woke up early to finish a homework assignment for my group. Botany was fun today. I’m going to miss it. A and I were super nerds again, though not as bad as yesterday. At the end of class she was like, ok I need to touch your hair. I started laughing and asked if she’d been waiting the whole quarter to do that. She was like, yes! And I had to do it now or I was never going to get another chance. It made me laugh. Super random.

After class M came and got me and we hung out at her house for about an hour and a half I think. It was fun. It got me out of my own house. We didn’t really do anything, and I’m not really sure if she ever wants to hang out again, but I enjoyed it. We did have our silent moments, but it never felt awkward or anything. I dunno. I feel like people can only hang out with me a few times before they realized I’m not going to t get anymore interesting and stop wanting to hang out. *sigh* Oh well. I’m always up for hanging out with people (ok, maybe not always) but I’m not really sure when too much is too much. And once you’ve had too much of me you’re pretty much done with me forever.

I got home and rearranged my room again. I hated have my bed right in the middle. I had no floor space for anything. Then my mom and sister came home. It was my sister’s first game, but she couldn’t play because she hasn’t gone to enough practices yet. My grandpa called randomly to talk about fundraising and getting grants from people. Which I took as a sign that I shouldn’t give up on this trip yet.

And for some reason I am extremely tired tonight. So yeah. I’m done.