I woke up this morning feeling a lot better about things. I think because I finally said I felt overwhelmed by the task of raising the money, I was able to move past the pressure and take a look at what really needs to be done. My mom and I are going to seriously sit down and work everything out this Saturday. And I know we’ve been saying that for weeks now, but we REALLY are going to do it this time. If we don’t then clearly it’s not a big enough priority for either of us and it’s just not going to happen.

Today was really fun. I took the bus which sucked, but Botany was awesome. We walked across the street and plotted land in a park I didn’t know existed. We just had to count the species there and how many of each species there were. A and I have been talking about Zelda for a while now, so while we walking the trails we were like, we should make this a Zelda thing. Have chickens running around, someone dressed as a fairy following us shouting things like “hey” “listen!” “watch out!”. It was fun. And then of course we got to the actual plot and since one of the guys in our group had a smart phone we had to listen to the forest song and rock out like the Goron king. It was hilarious. It started playing and we all just went crazy. Super nerds! I later managed to step backward and get a crotchful of sticker bush. It didn’t hurt at all really, and it was mostly on my inner thighs, but it was still really awkward having to stand there and totally grope myself in public. I eventually gave it up because it was too awkward for me. I like to pretend I just don’t even have parts in public because talking about them in general is something I don’t do at all. Who am I going to talk to about that? And WHY would I talk to someone about that. Just- no.

Hahaha, but on a related subject, this man is delicious.

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Trici and I had a mini eye candy competition and I found him amongst the fighting and had to take him home to show the rest of you. Isn’t he fabulous? I love a man with chest hair. I envision myself living in the middle of the woods in a hobbit house with a strong burly husband in red plaid chopping wood for the fire outside. Is that so much to ask for?

Pottery irritated me greatly today. I was all excited because I’d thought I’d finished everything but it turns out that those stupid GD projects we were first assigned have still not been submitted by me. I was like, ok SERIOUSLY?! I searched everywhere, found three of them, which I’d forgotten I’d made but he checked off anyway, but still need another two. Which I remember painting because I just dipped the tops in so I’d have a little ring of color on the rims. I searched all the shelves for about 10 minutes total and couldn’t find them. So I had to paint another two projects. One of them was one of my super extra ones that I found, and another was someone else’s that I stole because it’d been there forever unused. I’m not happy. I had to stay there the whole time to finish. I didn’t even get home until 5. And from this whole quarter I only have two or three projects I’m happy with and will keep. I just really hope I don’t fail the class. If I get anything lower than a C I will be veeery unhappy.