I think I forgot to mention that M and I hung out on Friday. I couldn’t remember if I’d talked about it yet or not. Anyway, we hung out today as well. She had nothing better to do and I was just sitting home alone playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so she came over. We hung out for about three hours. We played Just Dance 2 for a while, then went and got starbucks, ran over to her house so she could dash in a grab some cookies, then went and got my sister at 5. It was her first day of fast pitch practice today. As far as I can tell she’s not hating it yet.

I had first and second today, but I don’t have either of them again until Monday next week. Thank you late-start testing days. We have a huge project due Thursday in math, but I don’t need to do it until Monday.

I just had a major craving for some figs… I would love nothing more than a mouthful of fig at the moment.

We finished the movie in botany today. Really not that amazing. My group presents our project tomorrow though. I figured I would just do the whole thing since A and are really the only one’s who contributed to the project. K would have no idea what to do, and while E did do a bit of work to help us, I don’t know how helpful he’d be either. And assigning a bunch of work to a bunch of people the day before its due so we can try and reorganize it is silly. I think we’ll just go with the flow. I’ve written down all the important info and that’s all that matters. I’m driving tomorrow, so I’ll probably do a bit more work before I go to class.

I’m so happy. I beat the fire level for Zelda! I need to do the ice level now, which is seriously confusing me.

I cannot keep my eyes open. Curse you daylight savings time!

Oh, and I finally email my Japanese exchange student today. I don’t know why it took me so long to do. It took less than five minutes to translate it and send it. Curse my laziness. I emailed the two addresses I have for him, and the one I have for his mom, which is her business. I think someone will get it hopefully.

Also, I think I should explain why staying up late to write these posts is so difficult. When I’m tired, my eyes go cross-eyed so I can’t see. My head begins to droop, no matter what I do. And despite being awake, I begin dreaming. Its very annoying. I’ll have random bits of nonsense floating through my head. The stories of people I don’t know. Conversations of composed of words I can’t hear. All while I’m trying to write this. Ugh. ok, just wanted to get that out there. Now I’m done.