Today was mostly me sitting around playing Zelda. I’ve gotten farther than I ever have before. I got the giants wallet, the mask of truth or whatever its called, and beat the first major dungeon. It’s kind of annoying how long this game is though. I’ve spent days playing and still have 7 other dungeons to defeat and dozens of mini games to beat. I love it.

My day also included going down to see my dad for an hour. It wasn’t that exciting. He was exactly how he’s always been and spent the entire time on the phone talking to some cousin of his from California. He ended the conversation to say goodbye to us as we left. Yep, that’s my dad.

After that we went to dinner with my mom’s old friend B, who we rarely ever see anymore. B’s always been a part of my life, but I don’t really know her. She used to work with my mom, she paints, her husband used to be in the military or something like that but he died, though how I don’t know, she has two sons who I’ve never met, and… she has two cats. That’s what a life of knowing her has taught me. Anyway, she is the person I’ve been making this scarf for so I brought the unfinished scarf down to show her. She wanted it longer, so I’m glad I didn’t finish it. The bad part is that I made it too wide, so I’m out of yarn. It’s taken 6 spools to get it to where it is now. I’m going to use up what I’ve got and then that’ll be all there is to it. This scarf is worth like $30 in yarn and I don’t even know how much in labor. But I’ll probably just give it to her because we’ve known each other for so long.

My mom dropped me off at home so she and my sister could go shopping for fast-pitch gear. I spent the day home alone. Per usual.

Japan is depressing me. I would love to fly over there and help them, though what I’d do I don’t know. I’ve seen ads for relief funds but I feel like it’s kind of silly to do. Japan isn’t a poor country. It’s got plenty of money to get itself through this. It’s just the labor that they need. And they don’t even really need that. But I feel like shipping people over to help is more helpful than sending a couple dollars. And why don’t we send people over? It would give the unemployed something to do. Isn’t that what (I know I should know this presidents name but I don’t) the president did during the great depression? He created thousands of mostly manual jobs that paid very little but gave people something to do. I feel like we could be doing that over here still, but Japan could definitely use the help.

At any rate it’s made me want to get a little back yard farm going more than ever. What if something like that happened here? Where we were without access to food or water and the like? I live on a hill, so I don’t know that things would be swept away so dramatically, but having the means to support myself like that in the even of a disaster is something I really want to be able to do. If I need to that is. And another thing, we need to stop nuclear power plants. Japans nuclear facilities are going to explode and then we’ll have acid rain and extremely polluted oceans. It’s something that is uncontrollable if it gets out. I think that the government (in America) should stop subsidizing corn, soybeans, cotton, and that other thing I can’t remember, and start subsidizing green energy sources. They need to research how to make solar panels better and more affordable to the average person. Wind power should be an easier option too. If every home in America had one solar panel, how much energy do you think the country would save? All of that roof space is going unused!

I think farming classes should be a requirement in high school. I think everyone should have basic programming skills (which I don’t). And I think that everyone should know the basics of automobiles (which I know nothing about). These three things are probably the most important in our lives today. The food business of this country is actually costing us money. And it’s all based on oceans of oil. We need greener options for driving. One’s that aren’t so expensive. My mom’s prius cost around $30,000. Which is more than the down payment on our house. Not everyone can afford things like that. Honestly, I don’t know how we’re affording it. And computers… well, everyone should know how to work a computer properly.

I’ve distracted myself from what I wanted to talk about originally… Darn, I can’t remember. Oh well.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I broke my lamp on Friday also. I was lying on my bed, playing Zelda, and I lifted my foot which caught the lamp shade and knocked it over. It shattered all over the floor. Awsome.

Oh and the math project that I had? I got 105 points on it. Out of 100. My teacher had been asking everyone about what job they would do to afford their house, and no one was really preparing for it, so I went and searched what I could do to afford my house. I listed them in my powerpoint and he said that he liked that so much he was going to make it a requirement for next years kids. Whoops. He also liked that my house was something I could afford. Everyone else has been doing these 10 million dollar homes that they could only afford if they married three different rich men and then murdered. That was actually one girls career choice. Yeah…

Ok, good night!