Ugh. I was sooo exhausted yesterday I could not write a post to save my life. I had no energy in me. I went to be really early, and I almost fell asleep walking to my room. I was that tired. I’m almost that tired now. Nothing I’m typing is making sense. Thank god for spell check. If I didn’t have it, you would all be reading sentences like this: “you wuold alll be reading sentedances like thisnl.:” not even kidding. I cannoty- I’m just going to leave that spelling error as a monument to my lack of functionality right now.

Yesterday was a bad day. I was woken up with the news about Japan and felt really bad all day about it. It wasn’t mentioned in my classes at all, which was kind of annoying. I hate how little attention the public schools pay to world events. I listened to things on the radio, but I didn’t get that much info.

The flower movie we watched in Botany was pretty boring. I feel like I knew most of it already.

I came home and found that the dogs had broken the lid to the toilet basin, as well as taken a big chunk out of the edge of the piece that connects the toilet seat and the basin. They were trying to get up into the cupboard and slipped by the look of things. We just cleaned up the mess and put the lid back on. There’s two big holes in the toilet now, but other than that it’s all fine. Lol.

Oh! My friend M, who I’ve been friends with since 6th grade and have suddenly gotten into the habit of texting constantly everyday, came and got me from home minutes after I’d arrived there after class. We went out to Costco for hotdogs/pizza and frozen yogurt. It was fun. Then we came back home and she “read” the instructions to Zelda to me. Which I forgot to mention I had a hankerin’ to play so I dug it out and played it in between high school and college. Anyway, we played that for about half an hour, then she came with me to get my sister who I needed to take to the doctors to get the form she had to submit two days ago… I dunno. She wants to do fast pitch, dance, football, and have a job all at the same time. I don’t know where she thinks she’s going to find the time for all of that, but there you go.

My crazy driving scared my friend a little bit, but she said it was in a good way. lol. I’m a really nice driver, I just don’t like stopping.

She was so shaken by my awesomeness behind the wheel that she left as soon as we got back, lol.

Today was slightly better. I just sat around and played Zelda. I’m playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I love it. I’m just about to go into the forest temple. When I was younger I got to this part and then got scared and had to stop playing. I didn’t like the ghosts flying through the pictures and I couldn’t ever figure out what to do. The puzzle solving thing is what I like most about it now though. And whenever a puzzle is too much, I have the “Prima Official Strategy Guide” to get me in the right direction. When I was younger I spent HOURS doing circles in the stomach of the jaba-jaba deity guy. With these guidelines it probably took me 45 minutes. Of course, without Epona going anywhere takes FOREVER. I do not like how much walking around you have to do. And its so SLOW. But, I love the game. And I never beat it, so I have to play it until I win. Just because.

I did get out of the house for a couple hours when J invited everyone out to lunch. My mom was in her computer class and my sister is down at my dads. Did I mention she’s down there for the weekend? Anyway, I went to lunch with J alone. We went to a decent bakery. I should’ve gotten an omelet instead of the pancakes. We talked mostly about fundraising for me, and decided a Wii tournament would be a good idea. So J decided we would go talk to a TV company place to ask if they would let us use a TV for the event. I haven’t even showered today, so I know I wasn’t looking good, and J wasn’t looking too good either, so I don’t know why she was thinking now was the best time to go in and ask for free things… but yeah. I feel like we should’ve been a little more professional looking. He said we could check in the back where they keep the TVs that are going to be recycled. There were a lot back there, but the were the enormous ones that weigh 500lbs. So we didn’t get a TV. It was nice getting out though.

And now, I’m crashing. 7 hours of non stop Zelda while you’re home alone is exhausting. My mom had her class until 2, then she had a meeting of some kind at 3, which she didn’t get done with until 8. So I was pretty much home alone all day. Per usual.