Today started out horribly. We got to do “group work” in math, but I don’t know how to do what we’re learning this week without someone holding my hand through it. I’m super confused and don’t get it at all. We’re studying logs and ln and e. It confuses me to no end. So today we were supposed to be working as a group, but no one in my group really talks. And since I’m the loudest, and the most clueless, I was the one asking for help the most noticeably. My shoulder budy helped me a little bit, but I could tell she was getting tired of me, and I was getting tired of asking, and eventually she just stopped helping me. I knew that I’d over used the shoulder buddy system, but it was still annoying that no one would help me. I sat and stared at a math problem for over 5 minutes before finally asking what I needed to do again. My shoulder buddy told me one thing and the entire problem… well, I was able to complete the problem. I didn’t and don’t know what any of it meant, but I was able to complete it. This was the first time in YEARS that a math problem has made me want to cry. When I was little I used to be brought to tears out of frustration over some of my math home work. Eventually I understood math a little bit better and stopped having such extreme frustration issues. Today was a bit of a relapse for me I think. I hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

History was pretty boring. I really just wanted to walk out and go home and work in the yard. We did get to watch some of Seabiscut though, which was really interesting. I saw it when it first came out but I didn’t understand/like it. Now that I know what is actually going on in the movie, it’s pretty interesting. We don’t get to watch the whole thing unfortunately, but the first ten minutes were really neat.

After that I went home and had a bowl of cereal, then rushed to the computer lab at the college to print out the botany lab and cram for the pottery final today. Which I’m pretty sure I failed. I did answer every question, but I was only 100% sure on like two of them. We also had out critiquing in pottery, which always takes forever. I was thinking of leaving early, when wouldn’t you know, my mom texted me that I needed to drive my sister to the doctors to submit a form. Did I mention she’s thinking of doing dance now? Anyway I was so excited that I actually had an excuse that could get me out of class my face lit up and I practically skipped out of there. I had already had my piece critiqued and we weren’t going to be doing anything else for the rest of class so leaving early was fine.

My friend texted me and said that I had a good cover story and I was like, no I really had to leave, and sent her a picture of the doctor’s office sign as proof.

The trip home was windy and rainy. We’re supposed to have wind up to 50 mph tonight. It’s slamming into the house right now. My mom and I were watching The Office tonight and could hear the roar of the wind over the TV, fireplace, and furnace. I also lit my fire to keep the draft down. When my fire’s not going the fireplace is basically this big vacuum. It’s cold when you put your hand in front of it. I feel like I should put a blanket or something over it to keep the draft down, but at the same time I know something like that would be really stupid.

I don’t want to wake up early tomorrow. I’ve got to drive my sister to school at regular time and pick up one of her friends along the way. UGH. I’m supposed to sleep in on Fridays. FML. Hopefully I get a lot of sleep tonight. It’s still just after 9 right now. Which I know is super early but I’m tired. And it’s really too noisy out to watch any more TV. A few times I thought we had thunder because the wind was that loud.

Oh! I found Beauty and the Beast in our movie collection so I had to watch it. I haven’t seen it in years. I love the first song they sing.

Grr, my dogs keep barking because of the wind. It’s slamming into the front of the house. I plugged up the mail slot because it was basically a wind tunnel. And the front door has wind coming from the edges. Which is not good. Ok, I’m tired. Night!