Today was pretty uneventful. Again. Isn’t my life so awesome? I know you all want to be me desperately. *rolls eyes*

I took the bus today, which means I got caught in the torrential down poor that happened just after 1. I texted Amber a picture of the street. It basically turned into a river. It was slightly calmer when I got home and I saw that there were bees out. I spent the rest of the day sleeping and watching TV. I probably could’ve gone outside and done some yard work. I would’ve gotten sick, but at least I would’ve been productive. I’m in a tired phase again I think. I want to do nothing more than sleep. This morning I dreamt that I had  three nipples, and two rashes in the shape of nipples. Yes, this is my life. Then during my nap later today I dreamt that my friend M drove my sister and I to my grandpas and on the way we passed an IHOP and I got so excited I had trouble breathing. I was craving a pancake with butter and syrup and bacon and sausage earlier today…

I’m super excited! I think I finally figured out my math project from three weeks ago! I messed with it a little tonight and the numbers seem to fit together now.

Tomorrow I’ve got my pottery final and I am not looking forward to it.

I finally watered all of the plants in my room. I drained the fish tank to half way and used that water to water everything. Fish tank water is high in nitrogen which is good for plants. Yay cheap fertilizer!

My amaryllis are doing good, but neither of them bloomed. Their leaves are over a foot and a half long, and still growing. I’m not sure when I’m supposed to cut them exactly. Especially since they came up late and didn’t bloom…

I think the next time it’s nice I’ll plant the corn and the beans. Last year I felt like I planted late and the seeds didn’t really have time to dry out.

I have nothing more to talk about lol. So I think I’ll go to bed. night!