Am I weird for enjoying lying on the floor with my dogs for hours on end? I really am most content when I can just lay on the floor and exist with my dogs. I think that’s when I’m at my happiest to be honest. Just existing with someone/something else. Conversation is nice, I mean who’s apposed to laughing right? But I feel like it says more about a person when they’re comfortable enough to just BE with someone else. To not care or worry about trying to impress or entertain. I feel like that’s the sign of true friendship. Being able to sit silently for hours on end, lol. Of course, so far only my dogs are ok with doing this with me. And even then, Kira usually has to be up and walking around and cleaning somebody’s face or demanding attention. Sam get’s it though. He came over while I was playing with the little ones and just leaned on me. He’s been doing that more and more. If I lay on the ground he usually comes and shoves his face right in mine, which is annoying, so I’ll have him lay down. He’s tried laying on top of me more and more, which I find funny and cute. He’s such a big dog that he really can’t fit anywhere on top of me like a puppy, so he just sort of leans on me. He leaned on me today like he wanted me to pick him up, which was adorable. I would, except I’m worried I’d hurt him.

I honestly would be content to sleep on the floor with him tonight though. I feel like other people wouldn’t do that. Sleep on the floor to be next to their favorite pet. I don’t have a problem with it though. People sleep on the ground all over the world, most of the time next to their animals to stay warm. My sister calls me a freak for taking naps on the floor with the animals, but I feel like that’s what people are supposed to do lol.

Today was… decent. Math sucked, history sucked, but I did realize that we would be having the HSPE testing on the 15th-17th of this month, which means no high school for me for three days. The testing is for 10th graders, but if and 11th or 12th graders failed their state exams then they have to take the HSPE too. The testing happens in the morning, which means class doesn’t start until 10 am. Which means, no school for me. I could go to math if I wanted because I have to drive my sister to school those days, but I don’t want to, so yeah. Anyway, I went to the gardens and filled out a worksheet which I probably could’ve filled out without even going on the trip. I bet it’s really pretty in spring though. There were only a few things blooming today. Not that exciting. Oh, I have pictures to put up! Don’t let me forget.

After the gardens A took me back to college because R and I had a miscommunication, AGAIN (I don’t think our plans are ever understood by both of us until after the day is done, lol) so R picked me up at the college then we went to the greenhouses. It was an ok tour. The handout the other teacher gave out would’ve killed me though. It was 10 times as complex as my teachers hand out. I probably could’ve done it if I’d been paying attention, but I was more interested in just walking around and looking at things again. There’s so much to see.

I got 2 orchids, a vine of some sort, and a fern today. Yay shopping.

After the tour R and I rushed over to Pike Place because neither of us had eaten yet today, and it was 1:30 by that time. My brain was not functioning at all. And then we ate (hum bow, of course) which pretty much shut my brain off completely. I was completely silent on the way home and almost fell asleep several times. I was listening to the radio the whole time, I was just sleeping with my eyes open basically lol. I apologized for being dead after she let me out of the car, she said it was fine and that we should hang out again soon. I said sure, but next time hopefully I’ll be awake. She laughed and left, and then I went home to lie on the floor and watch Ugly Betty. Then I watched Charlie’s Angels (the Drew Barrymore/ Cameron Diaz/ Lucy Lu version) and then took a nap around 5 ish. My mom came just before I was close to really falling asleep and wanted me to help her with the propane tank for the barbeque since it’s empty. I was like, noooo, but since she kept being super loud in an attempt to wake me up I pretended to be asleep. She put a blanket over me and left to get my sister.

Three hours later she woke me up to tell me I’d missed the first ten minutes of Glee. I was not happy. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, virtually blind because of the lights, and then had to rewire the TV since only two things can be plugged in at once (we have to switch over from the wii to the cable). We ate Taco Time while we watched. Tonight was a good episode. Kurts “sexy” face had me laughing hysterically. And I was dying when Blaine was talking about getting sexy for the competition. I was like, what must Amber be thinking about this?! And then the councilor woman whose name I forget, singing in the celibacy club about an afternoon delight was awesome. And Kurts dad giving him “the talk” was awesome. I really like his dad. He’s a good guy.

Ok, despite a three hour nap, I’m still tired. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to fall asleep for a while. I’m going to get some water and then go to bed. Oh, and pictures!

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Sorry, I know that’s a lot. I needed to catch myself up though. I also have bee pictures, so take a look at those.