I got in the car this morning and was super excited to find a little spot of bee poop on the windshield. I looked dead from lack of sleep on the outside, but on the inside I was freaking out like a happy parent. School passed by extremely slowly. I don’t know what we did in math today. I spent most of it writing in my journal and sleeping with my eyes open. And it was surprisingly warm in there, so all I would’ve had to do is close my eyes and I would’ve been fine to sleep for hours. We watched a History in movie. I mean a movie in history. Jesus I’m tired. And an annoying little black dog is growling at me. How offended would she be if I threw her and not the toy do you think? I took notes on everything in History, but the lack of consciousness didn’t help to prepare me for the walk to the bus. I missed it, so I went to starbucks and go a drink. An hour and a half later I was sitting in the cafeteria doing some chapter review work.

Botany was alright today. I feel like I’m understanding less and less though. Reproduction is so confusing! And sitting next to someone who talks constantly about I don’t even know what is really distracting. We’re talking about angiosperms (flowering plants) for the rest of the quarter, so I really need to understand the basics of it first. I usually I write down every little thing she says, but it’s hard to do with someone babbling next to you. After class I went straight home, and thankfully the busses were on time so I stepped off the one bus and right onto my transfer. It was really nice. I got home and ate the rest of my lunch, watched an episode of Ugly Betty, then went out and did some weeding. I hate grass. I hate it with a passion. We have the really annoying grass that sends out runners under the ground, so if you don’t get every little root then it’ll come back in a few months. It’s all over the top terraces. Which is probably because it’s mostly what out lawn is. I hate lawns. I think we should kill the lawn and grow all of our food stuffs down here. Our sprinkler system will water everything, and we won’t have to hike up onto unlevel ground to get mostly unattended things.

The bees were out and about today, which was nice. I love listening to their constant humm.

I talked to S a bit today. We really only talk if the weather is nice.

The dogs ran around the whole time I was outside, but they still have a ton of energy. Which is annoying at bed time because all they want to do is play or go outside and run around. I spent most of the day alone, per usual.

Tomorrow I’m going to high school, then driving myself to college, then A (from botany, not the crazy one) will be driving me to the gardens for our extra credit. Then R will pick me up and we’ll rush over to the green houses for the other classes extra credit. I’ll only get extra credit for one of the trips, but I’m excited for both lol.