Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep. I went to my People to People meeting, which was pretty uneventful. C is probably going to be my closest friend on the trip. She’s kind of weird, but that’s probably why I get along with her so well. She reminds me a lot of my favorite cousin. Or, the cousin I spend the most time with. I don’t know if I really have a favorite cousin. I mean, it’s family, so can you really have favorites? Don’t answer that. But anyway, C had to leave early, so I was stuck by myself for the last 45 minutes. Right before she left though we had to get into groups of four and make a list of what to pack. It was C and I, and another girl and a guy (yes that rhymes lol) and C suggested feminine care as an item. The guy is one of those really brainy types and was like, well it’s a 28 day cycle and we’re only going for 20 days, so it really won’t be necessary. He also has one of those ridiculously pompus high society voices, the kind that requires one to hold a glass of brandy and talk with your nose in the air. I had to laugh at him. C and I were both like, ummm… you NEED feminine products at ALL times. He’s one of those types of people who probably never talks to girls, so… yeah. Fortunately for him, I’ll have to be rooming with him at one point or another. I’ll have to educate him on the ways of the opposite sex.

After the meeting I went to visit my dad because it’s been almost 3 weeks since his surgery and my sister and I haven’t made it a priority to get down there to visit. We talked mostly about my car and the best way for me to get it. He offered to pay for half the insurance if my mom and I would pay for the other half. My mom and I had talked about that idea before, but I was really surprised to hear him offer that. I think it’s great that he’s actually trying to make this car thing work, but I feel like my mom is getting more and more opposed to the idea of it. When I mentioned that he’d like it if I got a job to help pay for the insurance, she got really snarky and said that he had no authority over whether I got a job or not. I didn’t say anything but I was thinking, you know, he’s really trying to make this work, and I need a job to pay for this trip/ life anyway, so I don’t see why this is such a bad idea. Especially since we came up with it first. I was kind of annoyed with her. Anyway, I stayed and talked at my dads for almost 2 hours. I’ve never talked to my dad directly for more than… MAYBE 10 minutes. But I can’t remember a time where 10 minutes of conversation has actually ever occurred between us before. We talked about school and his surgery and my neighbors and the dogs and the route I take to school. It was… weird, talking to him for so long. Ageing has done him some good I’d say.

After that I came home and lounged for a while, then H came over and watched Snow White around 7 ish. It was just funny because neither of us really like Snow White, but each of us thought the other did until I mentioned it was my least favorite Disney movie (of the classics of course) half way through. She was like, why did we watch it then?! It was nice, just sitting and existing with someone other than a relative. I don’t have- well, H is the only friend I have ever really been able to just sit and watch a movie with. C (from freshman and Junior year) came over to watch TV once, but that was the last time we ever hung out. I used to hang out with a different H (same name, different spelling) in middle school, but we stopped talking. She messaged me on facebook the other day, asking if we could hang out. I said yes, but we haven’t made any official plans yet.

Today was really nice out. Lower-mid 50’s in the sun for almost 5 hours. It was awesome. I did a bit of weeding, mostly digging up iris patches over grown with my least favorite grass and cleaning them out. I’ve decided I’m going to have a plant sale as a part of my fundraiser. We have so many things around the yard that taking a few out won’t even be noticeable. I dug up about 15 black iris starts today and barely dented the population. I’ve just realized I left those starts lying in the middle of the pathway, exposed, so I might have to dig up some more if it freezes tonight, but we have a ton of strawberries and iris and I don’t even know what type of bulbs. And columbine and chamomile of course. We have so much chamomile that I just let it grow to keep the weeds down and then when it’s big enough I’ll pull it up, cut off the roots, and bury the stem and leaves to act as a fertilizer. Our soil is so crappy; if I didn’t do this our yard would be a desert in a year. I’ve been pulling up less and less clover. My mom may not like it, but it’s scientifically proven to add nitrogen to the soil. It’s an awesome ground cover that suppresses most everything, it’s got flowers that smell lovely, look pretty, and are full of nectar that bees love, and it’ll make the soil it’s growing in better until we decide to pull it out. I honestly don’t know why growing this in the yard is up for debate.

I helped F unload some cinderblocks from his truck and haul them up to his back patio. My mom kind of had to force me into it, but once I was working I was fine. He paid me after I was finished, which was like, why bother paying me, you know I’m going to need your help with something soon anyway, and I’m not going to pay you for it. lol.

My mom mowed the lawn and then gave the two little one’s a bath. Sam needs a bath too, but he wouldn’t do well in the shower. He doesn’t like standing on hard surfaces too long. He’s ok on the carpets or outside, but he sits and lies down a lot more than he used to. I came inside once I was done with my little area and watched Ugly Betty. I also fed the bees again today, so SOB.

I’m tired, and there’s school tomorrow. Night!