Today was long. Math sucked. History was stupid. We had to finish our essays from yesterday, and then summarize what we did for the last two weeks, even though we summarized that before we started working. Then I think we started taking notes, but everyone got distracted and talked about nothing.

Botany was a fun lab today. It wasn’t all that exciting, but the people at my table make it interesting. We just looked at different pine cones and then had to categorize 5 species of tree. We were done early so I went to pottery. I was all excited because I thought I was ahead of everything and done and could go home early. No. My teacher told me I still had to turn in the first three pinch pot pieces, which I made two copies of because they got lost the first time, and that what I thought had been my 5th project was actually my fourth. I attached the head of my 4th project- ok so, I made a body and a head, the body was supposed to be #4, and the head #5. I forgot this yesterday and attached the head. I remembered they were supposed to be separate today and took them apart. But because I’d left it out over night I was almost completely dry so I had to soak it so I could build on it. I spent almost 2 hours working to get it pliable again. Then I found out that I actually had a completely different project to do. Urgh. I had to whip up a shitty, half-assed project in two hours. It looks godawful and broke about 8 times while I was making it. I’m just going to paint it in detail and hope all goes well. I stayed all the way until class officially got out, which meant it was a 4 hour day in pottery today. It was really fun until the end though.

After I got home my sister left almost immediately for Weight Watchers. She told me on the way out that her friend might be stopping by to get some stuff of hers and to just let her in. The friend didn’t know where her clothes were and neither did I, so I told her she could stay and wait for my sister to get back. She started acting like she felt she was imposing on me or something and was going to find somewhere else to be. I was thinking, you look and sound awful (she’s sick), it’s cold and rainy out, and you’re walking, you can stay here. She curled up on the couch, through on a blanket, and watched 2 episode of Ugly Betty with me. I made her some hot coco and offered her top rammen, but she refused the food. I think she felt weird eating alone. I would’ve been too.

After that my sister came home, they hung out, blah blah blah. I’m too tired to bother with details anymore. I realize I had a ton of homework to do, and spent the last half hour pulling things out of my hat. Tomorrow I’ll be doing my math homework because I’m too tired to do it now. Night!