Today had a slight bit of variance in it. Math was dull. No clue what was happening. “Finished” (I still had two paragraphs to go) our in-class essays in History. Botany was really fun. We took notes and then played this game. It was a matching game, so basically we were given a description of the plant we were, and then we had to find our mate. I was a fern. I liked someone who would send me cute little heart shaped gametophytes and had big strong fronds. It made me laugh. As luck would have it, I had the line “I like sex in the air, I don’t care, I like the smell of it” from S&M by Riana stuck in my head. I think it applies to Ferns too! They depend on the air for their spores to travel, and it always smells better after it’s rained, which they need so they can reproduce. Life connections.

I stayed after to work in Pottery, and I think I finally got my last project done. I think. It has to dry before I can fire it anyway. I had just gotten to the bus stop to wait for the bus when my friend M who I’ve started talking to more and more in the past few days. We haven’t talked since freshman year really. I always forget how long we’ve been friends. We had our first class together in science in 6th grade. Yeah, 5 years I’ve known her. Longest I’ve been friends with anyone actually. Anyway, she texted me at the bus telling me she was bored in class. I asked when she got out and she said she was done in half an hour and that I should wait for her. So I went back to Pottery and waited, but got bored so convinced her to leave class early since she wanted to get some Dairy Queen and go through a car wash and get some books from the library. We left about 15 minutes ahead of schedule but only knew of the dairy queen by my house. So we drove all the way back to my house, got dairy queens, couldn’t find a car wash, and headed way out to kent. It was a lot of fun.

Lol, Amber, I hope you’re prepared for some serious road tripping.

We went through the car wash, all the while freaking out because it was loud and bizarre. We were complete idiots. Lots of fun. We then headed back home. My mom called while we were in the car, and rather than talking to her forever and explaining my adventure while I was having it, I just told her my friend had come to get me from college and we got a dairy queen and were almost home. My family has no idea what I did today. lol. Supper sneaky, I am. Of course, I then came home and knit and watched Ugly Better for about 5 hours, so really the day evened out.

At least I didn’t steal anything this time!