I handed in the inter-district transfer forms today. technically my sister and I are supposed to go to the other school on Thursday but because we’ve got the application process going, we don’t have to worry about it, supposedly. I dunno. It’s all rather stupid. We should know if we’re allowed to stay at our current school within the next 10 days.

Classes were dull today. I spent most of math designing my dream home. It’s going to be kind of large. I love secret passageways and hidden rooms, so it’s got to be big. Oh no! I forgot the library! I’ll have to make a note of that and design it tomorrow. Tee hee. History was only slightly more interesting. We got to learn the Charleston. Well, we learned the basics of it. But since it’s high school and there was no music, no one was interested in actually doing the dance. You have to be flamboyant and zealous when you do it. People did the steps for a few seconds and then stopped. Ugh. We looked over our project grades from last week. I told a little white lie by telling my teacher I’d done a part of the project I’d only attempted. He looked a little confused for a minute but gave me full credit for it anyway. The perks of being a “good” student. My grades going to be low in that class though because I only did a C project. And we already have an in class essay due tomorrow. Ugh. Sometimes I really don’t like that class. What’s worse is that I didn’t do much of any work for the project, so I don’t actually know too much about the 1920’s which is what the essay is on. I’m going to have to pull another two pages out of my hat tomorrow. Awesome.

Botany was really fun. I went home in between schools to eat, knit, and watch an episode of Ugly Betty. I meant to do my homework and sign up for the ACT, but somehow my priority list got lost… Anyway, in Botany today we talked about our field trip. Lol. Get it. Botany, the study of plants. FIELD trip. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Anyway, it turns out that we’ll be going to the arboretum in Bellevue, and then the other Botany class is going to tour the green houses in the UW. I was hyper almost immediately and babbled on and on about what I’d seen there to the girl who sits at my table for like ten minutes. I’m going to try and drag R along with me, if she responds to my text’s that is.

Class got out early, so I went to pottery early. Which was fun. The guy I sit next to has a slight crush on the girl he sits next to. Everyone at my table and the table next to me are girls, except for the guy obviously. We all just titter away about him. Most of the time he doesn’t have a clue what we’re saying. That girl though. A super random guy was hitting on her today. Never seen him before. I don’t know if she knew. We all just looked at each other and were like omg. And then another guy in class was extra nice to only her. I was just like, this girl is cluelessly working the room right now. She’s funny. Towards the end of class she kept looking over at me like, I need to leave now, because the guy who sits next to us was getting on her nerves. The four of us who are normally there left at the same time (even though it was an hour before class got out) and we all ended up talking out in the hall for a bit. Unfortunately for her she and the guy parked close to each other, so they had to walk alone. She looked at me like omg. I was like, ok, time to go now, because we were all standing there for a while. Lol. It’s a lovely little drama that makes pottery more interesting. They’re both really nice people though. I mean, it’s not like the guy is super weird or the girl is an oober slut.

I was home early, which meant I had time to nap. I don’t know why but I was really tired when I got home. I lay down on the floor upstairs with the dogs and fell asleep. Somehow I ended up on my bed. Unfortunately the pant legs of my jeans were wet from walking in the rain, so I was freezing. I went downstairs and had a nice warm cup of chicken and rice for dinner while sitting in front of the fire. We watch the newer Next Karate Kid and then all went to bed. Unfortunately Never Say Never is now stuck in my head. Urgh.