My mom got us to school early today, so I had time to run to my councilor and get her to sign my high school referral form. I went to class, had no idea what was being said in math, watched a movie in History, and then my mom took me to college. She’d stayed to talk to the admissions lady or whatever her title is, to get a form so my sister and I could still attend our school. So stupid. Anyway, I got to college, went and submitted my form, and then went and registered for my classes. I’m taking Botany 113 and Chem 100. It should make my week feel slightly shorter… maybe. I’ll have time for a job now though. And then after spring quarter we’re done for the year. It’ll be off to Greece for the summer. Oh I’m going to miss you guys! What will I do without my blog?! I’m going to write in my journals of course. We have to write in one for the people to people trip, but I’ll bring a second one for myself. Which will be filled to the brim with notes about everything I see.

After Botany today I went to the greenhouse to check out the plants we’re growing for our experiment. They aren’t anywhere near blooming by the look of things. Oh well. I then went to the pottery lab because I have to finish two projects this week. I don’t know what I’m going to do to get them done. So far I really like the head I’ve made. The body took me longer than expected, mostly because I sat there staring at a slightly dried block of clay for 15 minutes, uncertain of what to do. We’ll see how this turns out. I’m probably going to stay late tomorrow as well.

It snowed on and off today, which is really annoying. If it’s going to be cold enough to snow, it needs to be cold enough to stick. 36 and 37 are not acceptable temperatures! It’s not supposed to get above 50 for a while. Which is annoying. I really need to feed the bees! I should’ve fed them when I opened them up last. I would’ve if I had know the weather was going to be like this. They were really low on food stores. And that was on the 13th. It better get warmer or I might loose the hive!

After an hour an a half in the lab I took the bus home. I then spent the rest of the evening watching Ugly Betty (I’m 8 episodes in to season 2) and knitting. My knitting was a lot slower than yesterday. My arms and hands are sore. And my fingers have started twitching. I only have 20 more inches to go before I’m done and can start on the tassels. I might take a break from it tomorrow. Simply because I’ll be doing pottery tomorrow. And I’d really rather not work my fingers to the bone.

Alright, I need sleep. I think I might be very slightly sick. My throat is a little phlegmy, and since I’ve been trying to clear it all day, it’s a little sore. Ciao!

Oh also. I might be hanging out with H on Saturday. She’s decided we need to “conquer our fear” as well as our embarassment. And since Snow White is tearifying, we’ll be watching that. Yes, this is my life.

PS: It’s snowing now.