I’m now over halfway done with this scarf. I spent all day watching Ugly Betty and knitting.

Anyway, some girls from my pottery class were thinking of having a Disney movie marathon. I don’t think they realize that I know most of the words to the songs in the classics. And in the two minutes it took me to reply to their comments, I came up with *goes back to count*  10 movies that we’d need to watch. Mulan, The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and The Little Mermaid. I listed Toy Story and The Aristocats as movies we can’t watch. Toy Story will have my crying my eyes out and The Aristocats is one of my least favorite movies. It’s not that exciting. And the music is nothing like Mulan’s or Pocahontas’s. If you can think of any others I would appreciate it. Even if they decide they don’t want to watch any movies (or more likely, not watch them with me) then at least I’ll have a list of all the movies I need to go through. Just thought of Bambi, Fox and the Hound, and Bugs Life. See, you guys are being helpful already!

At 6 my family went over to J’s for some Turkey loaf, potatoes and salad for dinner and then to watch The Oscars. The dinner was pretty good. I could’ve eaten the entire salad by myself though. I love candied pecans and cranberries in a salad. If there had been avocado’s I wouldn’t’ve eaten anything else. The Oscars weren’t that exciting. I freaked out though because I saw scenes from Toy Story 3 I hadn’t seen before. I still haven’t seen the movie, so they were huge spoilers! I covered my eyes to try and avoid further damage, but it was too late. Ugh. I will have to try and find a day where I’ll be home and alone and go buy the movie from somewhere to watch it.

My mom only stayed for dinner because she had a lot of work to do. My sister and I stayed for the show and then once it was over we headed home as well. I then took over the computer from my mom (not before knitting for an hour or two of course) and tried to finish my math project which should’ve been done a week ago. Eh. I tried for almost an hour to get the stupid thing to make sense but I was completely lost. I gave up, made my powerpoint hurriedly and signed on to my own computer to check out the classes for college. Since the environmental science class I wanted to take is so full it’s not even listed as an option anymore, I have to sign up for something else. My botany class still has room though, which is exciting. I’m thinking I’ll take a chemistry class. That way I get some of my chemistry out of the way and next year I can take a biology class. I don’t like chemistry. All the protons and neutrons and elements. The only elements I care about are water, earth, wind and fire. All the other 170 or however many there are don’t matter to me. Except silver and gold. They’re kind of nice.

Tomorrow my mom’s going to be driving my sister and I into school, like always. I’ll be going in to talk to my councilor so she’ll sign this stupid form and I can sign up for my classes. My mom will be talking to the admissions lady, or whatever her title is, about applying for an inner district school change or something. I don’t know. Basically it’s a thing that would let my sister and I continue to go to the stupid school we currently attend. I do really hate this school. But, the other schools in the district are even worse, and I’m not interested in dealing with the politics and hassle of changing to a different school. Especially not so close to the end of the college quarter.

Blech. This tea is not good cold. If it weren’t so late I’d refill it, but I’m tired, my fingers hurt, and I think I might be catching a cold or something. I was coughing the other day, and my throats been feeling sore. I’ll be annoyed if I finally get sick. It’s almost spring time. Getting sick now is not ok! I lost this week of possible yard work to snow storms. I will not loose another week to illness!

Now, I’m off to bed to ensure I’m at my healthiest.

Also, it’s been raining like crazy for almost 3 hours now. The snow has finally all melted away. I find going to school when there’s still snow on the ground to be annoying.