I got up earlier than I expected today. I’d showered and played 2 hours of Smash Brothers Brawl before noon. I then paused my gaming to eat breakfast and watch some Ugly Betty, which I am officially addicted to now. My mom came home from her class around 2 ish, and then we went to the yarn store to buy me some new colors for the scarf I was supposed to have made already. But, since I didn’t have the colors I needed, I couldn’t do anything. Anyway, we got some nice colors at the Knittery, but we needed a third so we went to the big Joaans. I saw a kid from school there which was weird. It’s also weird that he and I actually used to be friends and text. I had forgotten about it until I saw him this year in my history class. Anyway, he was there with his mom and dad. And he’s definitely not the type of guy you would expect to see in Joaans. He’s got ridiculously large hair that has to be contained with a ponytail that could wrap around my leg. He’s really thin, with even thinner facial hair, and his voice doesn’t match him at all. He’s nice though. Very calm. Probably a stoner at one point, but I think he’s matured into just a chill rocker. I don’t know, I haven’t said a word to him in… what 4 years now? *scratches head* I’m rambling horribly.

I got some yarn that went with the colors I had, and they were having a half off sale on some larger scanes, which just happened to be perfect sock colors, so I had to get some. I’ll be making myself some wonderful brown sock/booties soon. I’m so excited! Oh, and I got another set of size 6 needles, since I lost one of my first set. Which annoys me greatly.

After that we headed home. We then went and got a good amount of food for dinner, because J was possibly going to be joining us. My sister spent all day at J’s, and then decided she needed to spend the night at a friend’s house. J’s friend was able to come over, so she canceled dinner with us, and my sister (after asking for a roast for dinner) went to a friend’s before dinner even started cooking. My mom and I ate dinner while watching Ugly Betty. I knit for about… 5 hours and all I have to show for it is a 6×10 inch piece of scarf. All of the joints of my fingers hurt and my forearms are tight.

It snowed a little bit today, but nothing major. A light dusting really.

The dogs slept for most of the day, the little two rotating from my lap to the floor to the couch, with Buttercup occasionally hopping up onto the hearth. Her back end would get too hot pretty quickly, so she’d have to turn herself over every few seconds. It’s pretty adorable. Then, right before bed, the littler two got all excited and Kira ran around the house like a like jack rabbit. She’d do a quick spin in mid air, attack Buttercup, and then do a lap. Or just run a few feet and then turn around. I basically just sat and laughed at the pair of them for 10 minutes. Sam sat and watched and got some pettings from both my mom and I. I’ve been making sure to give him extra attention since it’s harder for him to get around to ask for it. I’m not really doing all that much. Just taking a few extra steps out of my route to the bathroom or kitchen to pat his head or rub his tummy. Sometimes I’m not sure if he appreciates the attention. He used to get up and leave if you sat next to him and pet him for too long. He won’t/can’t do that anymore, so I try not to bother him because I’m not sure when too much is too much. He hasn’t even bothered trying to get up onto my bed anymore. He will occasionally sleep on the couch (like he’s doing now) since that’s pretty low to the ground. The bed is probably three feet tall. Sometimes its difficult for me to get onto it, lol.

Alright. It’s late. I’m the only one awake in the house and I’m tired. I’m off to bed now. Night!