Class registration was today for college. I was all excited because I found two classes I really liked, that would work perfectly in my schedule. It wasn’t until after I got back home from college, tried to sign up for classes and spent ten minutes navigating the phone system of the college that I found out I hadn’t filled out a Running Start application. Which Running Start students are required to do every quarter, and which need the signature of their high school councilor to be complete. It’s mid winter break. I can’t reach my councilor right now. So basically I’ve got to wait until Monday to sign up for classes, at which point my classes will be full, because they were almost full today when I checked at 4, and I will be stuck taking I don’t even know what. I’m not happy.

Ok, so lets start from the beginning. I slept in, did my morning routine , then logged on to check out the classes for next quarter. It was really sunny out, but it never got above 34 today, so I waited as long as I could before leaving for college in the hopes that the roads would be clearer. I picked out the classes I wanted, wrote them down, and then went to class. We did the lab that we didn’t get to do yesterday, which was short and easy. Since I missed Pottery yesterday I went in and did some work on that. I’m making a miniature bobble-head version of myself. Project 5 is my body, and project 6 is my head. I spent about 4 hours on the body on Tuesday, but it ended up being unusable, so I started from scratch today. I cut a block of clay, put a large whole in the middle, and let it sit out to dry, so I can carve it next Tuesday. I spent most of the time on the head. I tried to make it as lifelike as possible. I think I did really well. The back of the head is kind of big, but otherwise I’d say it’s pretty good. I’m not anywhere near finished, but I really like it. I felt like I just sort of magic’d it out of nowhere. A pinch here, some smoothing there, a roll or two, and suddenly a tiny head was in my hands. That’s what she said. But seriously, I’ll have to take a picture before I paint it. I really like it.

The lab was closing at 2 because I was the only one there, so I left and drove home. I got an awesome parking spot when I got to college today. It was just a random thing. An empty space right at the front. I had to check the car next to me to make sure I was really in student parking. Anyway, while I was trying to leave I had to go up this shady incline, which had black ice all over it, resulting in the car sliding sideways a little bit. No big. The tired found pavement and I continued on my way. I got home, waited until 4 (which was my assigned time to sign up) and then tried signing on. Couldn’t do it. I called the college, they explained that I needed a form, and that was that. Well, I wasn’t going to wait to get the form on Monday and then get it signed on Tuesday. No. So I left immediately and flew over to the college, grabbed the form and headed home. I was a little annoyed though because I really was looking forward to taking the classes I wanted. I talked to my botany teacher about them, and she was going to be teaching one of the classes I wanted to take. I really like her. She writes down everything she says so you don’t miss anything. Also, that mega exam we took on Tuesday? I got a 78%. Don’t ask where I pulled that out of. I don’t care if that’s a C+; I was expecting an F.

Anyway, I wasn’t as cool and collected as I should’ve/could’ve been on the ride home, and didn’t look over my shoulder before I tried to change lanes. I almost got in a wreck. In my defense the car was in my blind spot. The car honked and I swerved back over into my lane. No one was hurt, no damage done. I was a little shaken though. And annoyed at myself. And then the quote “anger has unexpected consequences” popped into my head, but I couldn’t remember where I’ve heard it before. Or if I made it up a while ago and just remembered it now. I spent the ride home thinking about it. I think I made it up… ugh, this is going to drive me nuts.

Sam’s still limping. Didn’t take him to the vet today. I think my mom’s putting it off because we can’t really afford to go. *sigh* I wish I knew how to be a dog-chiropractor.

Ok off to bed now. night.