Woot. We had 6 inches of snow on the ground today. No college for me. I’ll probably have some tomorrow though, which sucks. Unless it snows tonight that is. If it snows tonight I get a four day weekend.

We got a letter in the mail today from my high school, which said that the school found out that we had really moved and weren’t living in their zone anymore. They’re removing my sister and I from our classes in early March and sending us to the school we’re supposed to go to, which is the worst school in the district. I’m not going. Colleges don’t look at your high school transcripts if you’ve got a college transcript. Which means that I can do full time Running start and not even have to worry about graduating high school. My mom and I talked about this a while ago and I’m seriously considering it. If colleges aren’t going to bother looking at it, then why should I bother with it? I’m not in a college level math anyway, which means I’ll have to take a bunch of lower levels maths to get up to college level. As far as I can tell, I really have no reason to bother with any high school stuff at all. Plus, being a drop out is so much more fun. And I’d have time for a job. And it makes me seem like a rebel. And I need all the street cred. I can get. I’ll need to talk to my mom about this seriously tomorrow though. I was just thinking about it is all. But so far as I can see, the pros outweigh the cons.

Sam limped around all day today. If he slipped or moved too quickly and put too much weight on his bad leg he’d have to not put any weight on it and hop around on three legs for a bit. I felt really bad for him. I wish I could just pick him up and carry him around. I would if he’d let me. He doesn’t like being held for some reason though. Silly dog. I tried not to move around the house too much today because he likes to follow me around. I just made him lie on the rug downstairs, and if I had to get up then I’d tell him to stay. Which really only worked if I was making a quick run to my room or to the kitchen. He likes to wait in the hall just outside the door if you go to the bathroom. Which my mom hates but I find kind of sweet. I always give him a tummy rub for it. I think he knows I’m worried about him though. Every time he went outside I either stood at the door and watched him from inside the house, or went outside to stand on the back step. He’s not doing too good at all and I’d rather be there if he needs me then sitting down watching TV and get up to let the dogs in to find him in trouble. My mom said we’re going to take him to the vet if the weather’s good enough tomorrow. I’d give up going to Europe to pay for a surgery or something for him. Which I know is silly and I promised I wouldn’t allow myself to put anymore of my animals through surgery again, but I’d do it. He’s still happy and mobile. He’s just in pain and has problems with his back legs and looks sad about it.

It snowed very very lightly a little bit today. It was never warmer than the upper 30’s but the snow still melted away on the roads closest to home. It’s supposed to snow or rain tonight/tomorrow. If it does anything it’ll hail. It’s too cold for rain. Let’s just hope it snows so I don’t have to go tomorrow. My mom’s going to let me drive which will be an adventure.

My sister was home today. The one whose “stomach is in shreds” and whose back was hurting her so bad she couldn’t be at school for two days in a row but was fine enough to go to Oregon and go to a friends house today. Yeah, that’s her. My mom’s concerned she’s making herself throw up again. Which I will be very annoyed about if she is. I don’t have the time or the patients for something like that, especially with Sam being how he is. And I know that sounds bad but my sister is always in the spotlight for some injury or another, so I’ve just stopped bothering to be concerned about it. But Sam’s getting old. He’s got to be at least 12 by now. He’s got a lump on his chest which he’s had for months now, and his leg is barely usable. Forgive me if I’m more concerned about my closest best friend for over half of my life than about my sister who is a pain junkie at the moment. Sam’s really all I’ve got.

Ok, I’m off to bed now. I need my rest incase there’s school tomorrow. Plus, the sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I get to stop thinking about how much I need to go to the bathroom. I hate the waste removal system humans evolved. It’s a never ending process. Drives me nuts.