I’m really tired so I’m going to make this quick. I went to college today, everything was fine and boring. I took the bus and had nothing to do when I got there early so I drew Amber and mine’s future house. Of course it was a hideous thing, but in my mind it’s lovely. I can’t wait to build it. It started snowing before class was even over so I decided not to stay late to work on Pottery stuff and came straight home. There was half an inch on the ground by the time I got home, which then melted away by sundown. My mom and I went out to dinner to the Thai place just down the street after she got home from work, and then she went to get my sister from the train station. It started snowing sometime right after dinner and continued to snow. It’s still snowing now.

Eventually I wanted to go outside so I put my black rubber boots on, my black gloves made for the snow, my scarf (which I wrapped around my next twice and then knotted) and my over coat. The dogs were all very happy to be outside and ran around like a bunch of spazzes. Sam took a while to get going but once he was running it was short lived. I heard a pop or a snap or something and then a yelp and then Sam came walking over, well hopping really since he wasn’t putting any weight on his back right leg. The one that’s been bothering him for a while now. I didn’t know what to do so I just called all the dogs in and wiped everybody down to get the snow off and then brought Sam upstairs so he could have some traction. He sat down pretty quickly but I had to force him to lay down. He wouldn’t move his leg too much. Why do all the bad things happen when I’m home alone? And the roads were crappy so we couldn’t even take him to the vet if we wanted to. Anyway, I just lay there with him waiting for my mom to get back with my sister. I cried a little bit, just because this is another sign that he’s getting old and closer and closer to dying.

Eventually my mom and sister came home, and by this time Sam was putting more weight on his leg so he just looked like he was limping worse than usual and thus the action would be unnoticeable to the two people who walked in all excited about the snow and the drive home they’d just had. Thankfully I had thrown the blanket out on the couch and hadn’t turned the TV back on yet so it just looked like I’d been sleeping and not crying. I tried to explain to my mom what happened after she’d made her little speech about the ride home, but she continued talking over me so I just sat quietly and waited. Eventually I was able to tell her, but she was too busy being excited to look like she cared too much. I don’t think my sister even knew what was going on. Eventually my sister sat down on the couch and I had just started saying something quietly to Sam when she turned over and said, are you talking to yourself? I think there’s something wrong with you. I was rather annoyed. But it didn’t show. Before she’d sat down she’d been walking around, talking loudly with a mouthful of food. Always a lady that one. And certainly considerate of those who actually care about the pets they live with.

Anyway, Sam lay down in front of the front door where he usually does and he hasn’t really gotten up since then. My mom looked at him eventually and thinks his hip might’ve popped out. Which would suck. I hope he gets better. He doesn’t get to think about dying until after my trip though. And if he dies while I’m gone I will kill him. I will find the Pie Maker,, make him touch his ashes, and then re kill him.

Also, I texted my dad a little bit about his surgery. He’s doing well. He said he had an allergic reaction to the banadages and had to go to the ER because of it, but other than that he’s doing good. He’s not taking his pain meds because they make him “flippy weird”. We talked via text for about an hour, then he sent me a picture of his incision and said goodnight. Yep. I have a picture of my dad’s shaved butt with a giant slice down his leg and staples keeping it together on my phone. My life is complete.

Lord help me. Oh, also, we got about 5 inches of snow.