Today was a decent day. I hit almost every light on the way to college today. I think I had to stop maybe twice, for a total of two seconds at each. Of course, Botany was terrible. We had our exam today and I was completely lost. I didn’t study at all this weekend, but I went to college early and printed out the chapter goals for the chapters the exam was on. I was able to fill in almost everything for the chapter goals, except for the photosynthesis and respiration stuff, which still confuzzles me. The test was supposed to take over an hour, but I was done in 45 minutes. And I was one of the slower ones. I had to go to the cafeteria and read because there was a class in the pottery room. I was still an hour early to pottery, but managed to get nothing done. Ugh. I’m so behind. And only two more weeks to work with wet clay. I need to go in tomorrow after class and get things done. I’m pretty sure this project is going to explode anyway though.

Since it started snowing a lot before class was out I decided to leave early. I put in a 3 hour day like I was supposed to, and driving in a prius in the snow is not a good idea. So I left. I got home and it snowed a bit more, though not that much. I had some homemade chili and continued my old movie binge by watching Hello Dolly. It’s a wonderful movie. The song they play throughout Walle is from Hello Dolly. It’s such a good movie. It’s kind of long, but there’s a good chunk of intermission in the middle you can fast forward through, and the movie is certainly never dull. There is one dance scene that does go on for a while, but it’s still wonderful. I love it. I’ll probably watch it again tomorrow if I have time.

My fish just spazed out and flung himself into the side of the tank. I’ve never seen him swim that fast or slam that hard into one of the walls before. He hung dazed for about a minute, sort of tilted to one side. My fish worry me sometimes…

My mom came home from work and we watched the end of Hello Dolly together and had dinner and watched TV and Glee. We really didn’t talk much, and what little was said was said by my mom. I feel bad not talking to her, but at the same time I’m not really sure what to say. I feel like the things I say to my friends should really be said to a mother, you know? Like I should be very formal or something. Which is completely insane because my family is only formal for weddings or funerals, and even then I’m usually the least formal of anyone. It’s not even formality though. I don’t know how to explain it. Anyway, we had a little bit of a conversation right before we went to bed, which was decent. It was short and hurried though, with most of the talking done by my mom. I don’t really say that much when she’s around. I really should fix that. It’s just that I’m… well I’m not very funny, certainly not in the sense that my sisters funny, and nothing exciting ever really happens to me, so whatever I tell her is usually just me going throw the motions. Classes were fine, nothing interesting happened, I had a test I think I did bad in. The boring stuff. I know I’m not the favorite child for either parent. I’m not exciting enough.

My sister called and asked my mom if she could get her ears pierced with a needle by my cousins two-time baby mama’s (yes it sounds bad but that’s the most accurate title for her)  friend. My sisters ears are highly allergic to all metals, so I don’t know why she’s getting her ears pierced again. And then once she’s home tomorrow she wants to go to her counciling meeting on Friday and then go back down to my dad’s neck of the woods to stay the night with a friend. My mom called her high maintenance when she got off the phone with her. Which is true. She’s one of the most high maintenance people I know. Which is probably why none of my friends are like her. While we do get along for short periods of time, we start to want to kill each other if we’re together for too long. Which is probably why none of her friends are like me. I say, I have made quite a few discoveries on this blog about myself. And yes, that was in a British accent. Thanks for noticing.

Oh, and none of the snow from today stuck. It was all just a bunch of fluf.