It was nice sleeping in today. I got up at 9, got in the shower, had breakfast, took some tests for People to People, and then went outside and did some weeding. Which was fun. Despite my mother telling me not to, I’ve been trying to leave as much clover around as possible. The more there is, the more nutrients gets into the soil, the less I have to weed, and the more nectar there’s available for the bees. I honestly don’t know why my mom is so apposed to clover. It’s such an amazing plant. Everybody wins by growing it!

I weeded about… 6 square feet today. Certainly not as much as I’d’ve liked to do, but since I was only out there for about 3 hours (with a lunch break in the middle) I guess it’s alright. Eventually it got cold and I had to go in. And when I say cold, I mean it was lower than the upper 40s. The upper 40s is the perfect temp to be weeding. I had a jacket on and was perfectly comfortable. Except for the whole back aching. But that’s a given.

I was unable to even bother with my optional Botany essay. It was a 1-2 page essay about genetically modified foods. Which are going to take over the planet by the way. Also, the patenting of plants? Worst idea ever. Humans did not create plants. We have no right to say that we “invented” corn. It’s been around forever. Ugh. People annoy me greatly. I want to live in the remote wilderness with my goats and my horses and my dogs. In a modified hobbit house so I have little to no impact on the environment. I’ll grow some of my food on the roof and save space while encouraging the plants to grow faster because the roof will be warmer. I honestly don’t know why we don’t all just live in hobbit houses! They’re so much easier. They’re warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, require less energy, allow for more “yard” space. I’m living in a hobbits hole when I get older. With a large round French door made of solid wood, and a thick rope attached to some large bells for a doorbell. You’ll all be jealous.

I finally sat myself down and wrote out the “letter” my mom has been nagging me to write for weeks now. I don’t even know what I said on it. She’ll revise it a dozen times at work tomorrow anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.

I love old movies. I watched two tonight. The Best Years of our Lives, and something starting with a P. They were both in black and white. Old movies are the best. The characters are REAL people. They have depth and meaning and soul. And the sets are elaborate and brilliant, and the costuming, and the lavishness of all of it. It’s just not done anymore. Watch an old movie, from like the 40’s or something, and then watch a movie from today. The scripts are so much SHORTER and the characters are so much less developed. Ugh. One of these days I’m going to need to get sick and then I can just sit and watch TCM all day.

I haven’t been sick once yet this school year. Which is really bizarre. I used to get sick all the time. Granted, I used to live in a house that had black mold growing under the floor boards from the bathroom to the living room, as well as in all the window panes, but that’s beside the point.

Ok, well it’s late and I have an exam I haven’t studied for in Botany tomorrow. Unless it keeps hailing (yes, it randomly started hailing a while ago) all night, and then freezes into a solid sheet of ice by morning, I’ll have to go to college. Staying home would be really nice though. I don’t know what I’d do since the ground would be frozen, but it still would be nice.