Sleeping in was nice today. I had a few dreams, but I can’t remember any of them. I woke up around 9 and then made myself some tea and cereal. The sun was up and shinning, and it was relatively warm in the house, so I opened the back doors and all of the windows in the house except the ones in the bay window downstairs. It was nice to have some fresh air in the house. Even though we have a tree in here, as well as however many dozen other smaller plants. I took the orchid I “found” out of R’s coffee cup and planted it in this little lava rock that once had a plant growing out of it which died because I kept forgetting to water it. So, hopefully the orchid grows. It’s got a ton of roots on it, and the rock is sitting in a thing of water so it’s going to stay nice and wet. I think it’ll live. It looked nice and healthy this morning anyway.

I water a bunch of other plants and got some pictures of various things which I’m too tired to up load right now, so you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow morning when I (hopefully) have some free time. I had to write the news summary today, as well as the essay (which I didn’t’ do yet). The news summary took far too long which was annoying. I met C at the college around 3 to get the book from him. My mom in her paranoid way was concerned he’d attack me. She tried to come with me so I wouldn’t be alone, but I told her no. It was a little ridiculous actually.

After I got the book I came back home and then my mom and I went to Lowes and got some eco friendly insulation (it’s made of recycled denim) to go around the vent in the attic which has nothing around it and has several large holes in it. Hopefully our electricity bill goes down, and the house is kept warmer.

Let’s see… I planted the orchid, sat in the sun and enjoyed watching the yard for about half an hour, got a text book, got insulation… I didn’t do much else today. I pretty much just lounged around.

My sister is driving down to Oregon with my aunt tomorrow and will probably be there until Tuesday. I have no school Monday, but I do have college for the rest of the week. Which I don’t really mind. I basically have two weeks of half vacation now. For one I get to sleep in, the other, I have more time to nap. It’s a win win.

Ok, I’m going to bed now. I’m tired from working so hard today.

Oh and despite the awesome sun, the wind was coming from the north all day so it never got higher than the mid 40’s. Which sucked.