Ok so I don’t really have time to reply to comments (I know, and I’m really sorry!) but my dogs are being stupid and it’s late and I have a long bit of blogging ahead of me, so you’re just going to have to wait until the morning.

I went to school early so I could get help on the math project I only half did because I didn’t understand it. Seconds after getting out of the car, I realized I didn’t have my cell phone so I had to go ask two teachers if I could borrow their phones (one a class phone, the other a cell) to call her and ask her to bring me my phone. She and my sister were at a doctors appointment because my sister has to go through physical therapy for her back. While I was waiting for my phone to arrive, I waited for my math teacher to get to his room so I could work on my project with his help. I realized after I’d woken up this morning that I’d forgotten to do an essay, as well as a newspaper article response for Botany. So, while waiting for my teacher, as well as my mom, I was also waiting for the library to open so I could get online and find the article I needed to summarize. My mom brought my phone, and the minutes ticked by until finally, 13 minutes before school started, my math teacher arrived and opened his door. He’d been in a meeting with all the math teachers in the school for over an hour and a half. I did what little I could for my project, but it really didn’t make a difference. I didn’t get called on today, so I don’t have to worry about this for another week!

After second I ran upstairs (when I say ran, I mean hurried; I haven’t actually RUN anywhere in over a year) to go and give the gloves I’d made to my science teacher from freshman year. She gave me $20 and said they were great and that she really appreciated it. On the way to the bus I slipped on ice twice. Once on a hill, the other on the street corner. My had called me and I was talking to her on the phone, explaining my morning and my first slipping experience (she’d slipped a bunch just in the parking lot of my school) and then right at the end of our conversation she said “be careful walking”, goodbye, and literally right as I pressed the end call button, I slipped. I didn’t fall, but in order to stay standing my limbs went flying in all directions. At one of the busier intersections of this part of town. I just laughed at myself and waited (hand resting on the crosswalk sign for support) to cross the street. I didn’t get to the college until just before 11 and went straight to the computer lab to read the news article. I read through two of the three choices (I always read all three just because it’s fun) but had no time to actually write anything. I went to class and told my teacher I’d forgotten all of my assignments at home. I was supposed to email them to her tonight, but I warned her I wouldn’t be home until really late, so I’m hopping an apologetic email with the assignments completed and attached sometime later tomorrow will suffice.

The guy to sits next to me in Botany (C is his name) was drunk when he walked in, since today is his 21 birthday. He also had a Gatorade bottle filled with I don’t know what alcohol, which was emptied by the end of class. He was pretty funny, but definitely one of those party-boy, frat-guy types who would’ve been a loud chaotic spaz making an ass out of himself if given the chance. I was unable to focus all period because he kept saying random things and distracting me in general. He forgot to bring his text book today though (yesterday he said he’d bring it today so I could take it home and study with it over the weekend) so he gave me his number and we’ll be meeting up sometime tomorrow. Most likely in the afternoon because I seriously doubt he’ll be awake before 1. Anyway, after class I went with A (A who sit’s next to me in Botany and is hilarious/ awesome, not A from the caf) to check on the seedlings, then met up with R by the caf. R and I went to the UW greenhouses for a tour, but the guy she’s been talking for a while wasn’t there, so we asked around and managed to get someone to give us a pair of cassette players to listen to the tour. About a minute into it I got too distracted and turned it off. I knew most of the stuff anyway. Botany has been a big help. I just started rambling off a bunch of junk about everything and pretty much could’ve stayed there all day. They had the giant lily pads that can get over 3 feet in diameter, as well as several Corpse Flowers, which are rare. They had entire walls covered in dozens upon dozens of different species of orchid, and ferns twice as tall as me. Here, I’ll show you some of the pictures I took. *several minutes later* *grumble grumble* My phone won’t let me send the pictures, which makes me feel like I’m not supposed to be posting them. If they manage to come through by tomorrow, I’ll post them though.

After the walk around the greenhouses we talked with one of the interns, who then directed us over to a place where the farmers of the campus were making pizza in this awesome wood stove that looked like a concrete igloo with a pipe chimney in the front. We had to leave right as they put the pizza in to make sure we didn’t get a parking ticket. On the way to the car we decided that if there was a ticket we wouldn’t go to Pike Place for hum bow, and if there wasn’t a ticket we would go. Since there was no ticket (and the parking pass expired half an hour previously) we decided to go to Pike Place. Oh! I forgot to mention that before we toured we went to an Asian shop to get me a tea ball strainer thing. The one I picked up was 2.40, so that was nice. I forgot I was walking around with it though, since it was in the crook of my arm and I’d become used to it, so I just walked out of the store with paying without realizing. And then in the greenhouses a bit of an orchid had broken off and was lying on the floor. So we picked it up and put it in R’s empty coffee cup and put it in her bag. I was just saving an innocent life ok!

At Pike Place we got Hum bow (pork is the best) and then after a quick walk around went home. We danced like spazes to anything with a beat for the last half of the ride, which was pretty fun I guess. R dropped me off and I played Super Smash Brothers Brawl home alone. My mom was still at work and my sister at my aunts. My mom brought home some AWSOME barbeque from this place she’s wanted to try down the street. I got a pulled pork sandwich, which was amazing and tasted like one from the fair. Mom got ribs and my sister got taco time. She’s cool. I had three or four amazing cups of tea with my new strainer. I feel like the tea steeped faster and I used less tea while being able to drink more than if I hadn’t had one.

After that we watched snidbits of whatever was on and then watched a thing on national geographic on the co-evolution of dogs and people. Pretty interesting. Then we watched a thing about the first coyote attack on a human to date, which will probably give me night mares to be honest. Or at least require the light to be kept on.

Ok, I’ve written a novel. I’m pretty sure I’ve left a bunch out too. Sorry, I know you really care about every intimate detail of my day.