I’m sorry, I know I should read and reply to your comments but I’m just too tired at the moment and its 11:20. And I was just lying with Sam for the last half hour. He wanted to snuggle, which he never does. I almost fell asleep all curled up with him but he started moving around which was my queue to get up. So I’m going to write this nonsense out quickly so I can get back to being a curled up blob of relaxation.
I feel like I’m having a boy craze thing at the moment or something. Everyone today looked twice as cute as usual, which was really annoying. I can’t focus on my reading when (someone who appeared to be) River Viiperi’s older more rugged brother is sitting only a few tables away. He looked like he could’ve been. He also looked like he should’ve had a baby near him somewhere. Like, if he was a new dad it would’ve made him even more attractive. And then there was albino man, who was pale everywhere, including his lips and eyes, but actually looked good. And the two men from Africa who were as dark as my key board, with wash board abs. And they had accents. There were the cutest twins I’ve ever seen in Pottery today. One of them is in a different class, and his brother was just waiting for him. They were both complete ass holes though. If they hadn’t opened their mouths, they would’ve been perfect. I felt they needed to leave within a few minutes of my getting there. They were absolute douches. *makes a noise somewhere between “ugh” and “yuck”*

Botany was easy. We looked at about 8 different plants and tried to categorize them by what we thought their reproductive habits were. It was ridiculously simple. Really? You’re asking me how a strawberry reproduces? The sad part? People actually didn’t know… My group and I flew through it. I knew all of the plants we saw. My teacher showed us an iris start, but called it an Amyrillis. I asked her about it after she’d finished presenting (because I wasn’t paying attention too much since she was only saying basic instructions). I just said that I was pretty sure that the start she’d shown us was an iris and not an amaryllis. She said she wasn’t sure because they weren’t actually her plant samples, but that the amaryllis and iris look pretty similar when they’re starting out. Which they don’t at all. The amaryllis is a giant bulb. Iris are long rhizomes with leaves at the ends and roots periodically on the bottom. Very different. I just said ok and asked if it mattered whether we said iris or amyrillis. She said no so I went back to the group that had accumulated around the iris start and clarified for them. “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It’s an iris.” Only my group member’s listened to me of course, but oh well. It was an iris. If I’d had my text book I could’ve shown them.

Other plants included garlic, grape hyacinth, a pot full of various succulents, and a fern. We had to go outside and categories two plants (we chose grass and Ivy) and one of my group members was surprised at my level of knowledge of Ivy. It’s Ivy. It sends out runners/vines and takes over everything. Not that complex to figure out. He was hung-over and probably a little stoned though. He made class really fun. He said a bunch of random things that were hilarious. Oh and I have an A- in that class! She handed back some work to us today and said she’d written our current grade on the back. Crap! I just realized I forgot to summerize the news article! Which is due tomorrow! Eiike!

Ok, time for bed now. Oh, I didn’t get the blue gloves to my old teacher because she wasn’t there in the morning, or rather she was but wouldn’t let us in, (even though she swore she was almost always available before school during freshman year). There was something else… oh. My sister threw her back out again. She threw up three times today at school today, and came home early yesterday (couldn’t remember if I’d mentioned that). Yesterday she went to the doctor who told her she was fine and nothing was wrong. Which is clearly a bunch of crap. She’s going to physical therapy tomorrow at 8 am before school.

Ok, I’m pretty sure that’s all now. I feel like I’m forgetting something but oh well.