Today was a much longer day than it should’ve been. I had to take the busses today, which sucked. The first bus I’m supposed to catch came early, so I had to wait half an hour at that stop, then at the transfer stop the transfer bus was super late, so I had to wait for about 45 min. The result? I usually get to the college at 10:20/30 ish. I didn’t get there until after 11 today. Déjà vu… have I written that sentence before? I’m suddenly really tired. Blech.

Oooh. I had a really intense dream this morning, right before I got up. I’ve had the first part of it before, though there was a little bit of variations, which there always is. I was at my grandparents house watching the winter Olympics (which I never do) with one of my least seen cousins. There was this weird snowmobile-ice tank thing that plowed down this track racing with other large tank things. We watched a few rounds of this (or rather, I thought we had but I don’t actually remember the whole course) then the tank had to race against a man and a dog. It got halfway through the course when Natalie Portman (the narrator) announced that they had actually stop and turn back to the finish line, which meant the dog and the man would win. Rather than turn around the men controlling the tank jumped from the vehicle to take a shortcut through the river they’d just been crossing. I got bored and changed the channel and then Natalie Portman was swimming in some movie invented in my brain. I was in the movie, which was no longer a movie, but still a movie, and Natalie played a character who was a wooden/porcelain girl who lived in the vast underwater caverns her drunken mother had created for her. She had to dodge spikes and things that would lunge out at her whenever her mom was particularly mad.

She’d gotten out of the water and had a fight with her mom and was just beginning to look around the extensive house (which had a butler) when I had to wake up. Reality is so boring. I would much rather be floating around in underwater caverns with a wooden-porcelain Natalie Portman than taking a shower to get ready for school.

Botany was uneventful, but we were a little more rambunctious than usual. I eventually made it home where I finished the gloves I’ve been working on for days now. here.


My mom says they’re my best yet, and I quite agree.

And here’s a picture of the scarf I finished not too long ago but forgot to show to you. It was nice having it today because it was FREEZING out. ugh.

Long scarfs are the best. It’s as long as my bed, which is a queen.

Just wanted to show the front and back together. The right side has the back on it (the single line where the dark and light over lap) and the left is the front, where the different colors remain solid masses. Each box thing is 10 rows (from the front) and the new color was always added so that the colors would mix only on one side.

Also, tea is delicious. I’m working on my third or fourth cup today. I’ve never drunk so much tea in my life.