My day was boring. And I was really hungry all day. We’re really short on money around here, and since I’m too lazy to get a job to feed my ravenous black hole of a stomach, I’ve decided to eat less. And feast more. Feast your eyes on this deliciousness please.


That salad would be devoured. And then him for desert.

Am I alone in thinking that men who cook are amazing? No? Darn. Now I have to share. Wah.

All of my classes slowed down ridiculously today, which sucked. I came home in between classes and took one of the People to People quizzes. It was easy. Only 10 questions. Passed it the first time. I then left for college and was attacked by A, who felt that petting, hugging, slurping noises, winking, and licking the air in my direction were appropriate. Thankfully I only had to endure this for 20 minutes before I left for Botany. It was slow but fun. I laughed a lot. The funniest moment being when the guy who sits diagonally from me at our table said he loved getting messages. I said “I don’t like massages. I hate laying down and having someone over top of me”. Yep. I’m that awesome.

Ok, I’m going to bed now. night!