I had a dream that my sister and I went into this store and someone had stolen something so we had to leave to avoid being stuck in the store forever, and my dad was coming to get us, so we ran to meet him. He had just had his surgery, which made me feel bad because I’d forgotten when it was. I thought it was today, but when I asked him he said it was Thursday. Somehow mixing up today and Thursday in my dream brain made sense. At any rate, I woke up and realized his surgery really was today so I texted him and told him about my dream and that I hoped his surgery went/ would go well (since I wasn’t 100% sure his surgery was today).

I went to math and actually learned something today. We’re not doing our traditional week, instead we’re all going to be giving presentations on inflation and house payments and stuff. Stuff that actually matters in the real world. Not the junk that only people with I.Q’s 10 times higher than mine use. I paid attention the entire period, meaning, I actually cared and listened avidly, which I’ve never done in that class. I was surprised when the bell rang, which is also a first, and even though History was dull I was surprised when that was over too.

I went home and debated staying home for an hour instead of the 15 minutes I usually do when I drive to school. I don’t have to be at the college until 11:30, and I’m home by 9:30 when I drive. So I can either leave at 9:45 and garuntee myself a parking spot, or I can wait for an hour (which I might do tomorrow to try and do some homework) and possibly not have a parking spot.

Time seemed to move really weird today. It would speed up unexpectedly but then slow to a ridiculous pace at random. Only to pick up again when I wanted time to stand still. I was home sometime just after 1 and didn’t have to get my sister until 3. Time seemed to move ridiculously fast in between those two times, and then suddenly it was 4. I took a nap at this point because all the Time Warping was exhausting me. Then I woke up just before 6, did some knitting, and managed to not really do anything for the rest of the night.

I have an extremely late project in History, which I seem unable to work on despite how easy it is. I just have no motivation to do it, even though all I have to do is literally copy and paste things into a word document and print it. I’m not even going to bother with the 4 page essay I’ve been pretending I was going to write. It’s just not going to happen. I need to take two online tests for People to People, one of which I should’ve already taken, and I have an essay for Botany to write. I’m pretty sure I’m behind in Pottery, but we’ll see how much I can get done tomorrow. I really should stay after sometime this week and get some things done.

All I seem to want to do lately is sleep. I even told my friend today I wouldn’t mind catching malaria or mono or some other serious illness that would leave me unconscious for weeks. I’m SO tired and I don’t know why. I have trouble sleeping at night, and most of the time my back feels horrible. I just want to take a giant sleeping pill and sleep for a week. Is that so much to ask? If I could get a spirit quest in while I was doing that, that would be really awesome.

I just realized that I haven’t seen any repeating numbers today…

UGH. Ok, I’m GOING to finish these stupid GD trading cards which are so pointless I can’t even explain, and then I’m going to force myself into a coma.

Also, we had a big rain storm earlier. The rain slamming into the windows was what woke me up. No thunder or lightening though. Boring…

Oh, I forgot to mention the obvious. It’s Valentines Day. Do you think I remembered? Nope. It wasn’t until I was walking to History that I realized it was. Even though M (a girl I’ve resolved that I need to be friends with for some reason) had a tower of balloons. I did learn in History how St. Valentine’s day came about though, which was pretty neat. St. Valentine was marrying people illegally in the Roman empire some 1800 years ago because the rule of Rome had made marrying illegal since more and more men were refusing to leave their wives to go to battle.

Also, Amber: 2 weird points today. Me: 1 point. Totals: Amber 2, Willow 1.