Today- well today wasn’t productive at all. I spent most (all of it really) playing Zeus. A city/country building game that takes you through the history of ancient Greece. You get to build your own city around different alliances and wars that are taking place, including that of the gods and centaurs and the various monsters that roam the land. Different gods do different things for the city. Athena gives you a sacred grove of olives at the front of her temple, and will fill your storage yards if you don’t have any olives or olive oil. Dionysus does the same thing, but with grapes and wine. Demeter fills the granaries and gives you some pastures around her temple to farm. Hermes speeds up all traders and delivery men, and will sometimes “fulfill an outstanding request”. It it’s perhaps one of my favorite computer games ever. It’s from the early 90’s I think, but it’s still awesome. I haven’t heard of anything like it. Unfortunately the game (and its expansion Poseidon) actually belongs to my cousin. I would love a copy of my own though. Anyway, I played that all day, under the pretext that I was researching for a four page paper. The four page paper was due Thursday for History. Have I started it yet? Nope. I might do it tomorrow when I get home, since I’ll be driving.

Also, the main cheats for Zues that I use (press ctrl+alt+c to enter them in) are ‘Fireballs from Heaven’, which allows you to rain fireballs down on large bolders in your way or on your enemies/monsters. Saved me thousands. Incase you like spending money and getting into debt, ‘Delian Treasury’ will help get you out. Delian Treasury will only give you 15000 though. You can use it as much as you need to, but you can’t ever get above 15000 by using the cheat alone.

It was warm (meaning above 60) so I did get to open the bees today. Check my other blog for details. Actually, let’s just say SOB. See Other Blog. I rather like that. There, now I don’t have to write a whole sentence every time I want you to SOB. (tee hee. it’s like S.O.B as in son of a *itch and SOB as in sob.)

I do have a picture or two for here though. Let me see here… downloading…

I don’t know why but I really like this. I know it could be a little lighter so you could actually see him, but I really like it.

I had to put this in, just because of the splash of color her little tongue provides. She was cleaning his face before this (I do have pictures) but all you could see was her side so the pictures weren’t too awesome.

And another picture, which really is just for me this time. I think it’s one of those pictures that only the pet’s owner really cares about. I mean, these dogs are cute, but I don’t know that I’d really CARE if they weren’t mine and I was looking at this photo.

I watched the Grammies for the first tmie in years and texted H about it the entire time. Things like, what is that guy wearing (the peacock man who sang with the puppets) and how awsome is lady gaga’s butt?, were the topics of conversation.

Now, I’m off to write another post.